What to do when your show gets cancelled

When one is taken away from us sooner than we have expected, it is but only natural that we feel robbed off.

No matter what some haters say, a TV show fan’s grief is but real when a TV show she has spent some sleepless nights binge-watching suddenly comes to an end.

Reasons Why your Favorite TV Show May Get Cancelled

If you have a favorite TV show that you religiously spend time watching, you know how awful it can be when that program comes to an end, especially if you’ve never seen it coming.

But just why do some TV shows get cancelled after such a short airing and why do others continue to dominate the TV screens for a considerable amount of time?

Below are some of the reasons to help you understand why sometimes a TV program must face the final curtain, sooner rather than later:

When the show debuts with horrible ratings.

The show is struggling in ratings yet the production company refuses to reduce its licensing fee.

The actors have moved on. This means the lead actor might already have his hands full and TV show shootings can hardly fit his schedule.

The show has poor ratings and has no streaming potential.

So, What Do You Do When Your Most-Liked TV Program Is Cancelled?

It can be devastating for a TV show fan when a favorite TV program comes to an abrupt end. What should you do when the inevitable ending of your favorite show comes earlier than you have expected? Take a look at the following tips:

It’s ok to be sad but be sure to get over it.

You are sad and it’s not healthy to bottle up your emotions.

Acknowledge your feelings, express your thoughts and emotions to your circle, listen to emo songs and do whatever you need to shake off your grief. But once and for all be sure to move on.

Watch out for your checking habits

You may be tempted to check and scavenge the internet to confirm whether or not a new content is may be made in the process.

Chances are you’ll only get disappointed so you’ll be better off to keep your hands off the phone for a while and give your self time to breath.

Find another TV show to watch.

You might feel overwhelmed with your sadness that you’ll refuse the idea of following another TV show.

It’s fine and yes, you don’t have to immediately find another replacement show. But once you are over with the grief phase, go ahead and find another TV program you can enjoy.

Take Action!

It is not impossible for a cancelled show to gain another foothold and go back on air.

Fan campaigns can help get cancelled shows renewed.

If you have a lot of time and you don’t mind taking the effort, you can write to the network to put back your favorite show on air.

You can collaborate with other fans and do a campaign together to convince the network that the show is worthy of earning a time slot in their TV network.