What Is A CR2 File and How to

With the world advancing faster, every business brings something new to the table to stay in the market and survive through each struggle successfully. With better imaging and autofocus quality, Canon takes the lead. The raw images and videos captured from it have a CR2 file extension, which is the article's plan.

In this article, the audience will understand the pros and cons of a CR2 file extension, the causes of the corruption of files, and much more. Stay with us as we navigate our paths towards knowledge and comprehension of the CR2 file format.

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What is a CR2 file?


Pros and cons of CR2 file


How does the CR2 file work?


How to open CR2 files on Mac and Windows?


What may cause the CR2 file to get corrupted?


How to repair corrupted CR2 files on Windows and Mac?

Part 1: What is a CR2 file?

A CR2 File is a raw image file coming out of Canon digital cameras, which are further manipulated and processed using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Known as Canon Raw 2nd edition, it is high quality and uncompressed format, usually larger than other file formats. The basis of this file format goes back to the TIFF file specifications.

The applications are concerned that support the files of this kind, IrfanView and UFRaw, are on the top of the list. If you want to edit the raw files, you have to convert them into JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. Several 3D modeling programs also use CR2 file formats to keep up human body details instead of storing pictures and videos.

Part 2: Pros and cons of CR2 file

Before jumping on to the conclusion of choosing a file format, it is advised that you perform a background check on traits of the format. This will help in future problem handling and incase it corrupts. Therefore,

before delaying this any further, let us get right to the benefits of using the CR2 file format and follow to find some disadvantages of using this format.


High-quality imagery

: The raw image coming out of a Canon digital camera promises high-quality photos and videos that make it workable and good to use. They can also be edited as the user wishes.

Standard image format

: CR2 file format is the standard image format for photography. This means that all the users in a campaign will be familiar with its works, ensuring its usage in the long term.

Maintained originality

: As mentioned-above, CR2 files are raw image files. As they reach different team members for a campaign, the image's originality is maintained, and a true portrayal of the photographer's mind is ensured.

Reputable brand and file format

: Another drawback of using the CR2 files is that the sharing process becomes challenging and leaves a bad impression on the project dynamics.


Large sizes and hard to edit

: The first problem with the CR2 file is that it has enormous sizes that makes it hard to edit. To get away with this problem, people usually convert into other extensions.

Storage concerns

: In a business setting, this file format undergoes storage problems, creates a hard time for team players, and consumes time.

Difficult sharing process

: Another drawback of using the CR2 files is that the sharing process becomes challenging and leaves a bad impression on the project dynamics.

Part 3: How does the CR2 file work?

The next concern that will be addressed here is related to how the CR2 files work and progress? Allow us to answer this question for you.

CR2 format works by storing the Canon digital camera sensor's lossless details without manipulating the image or a video. Its working capacity can be comprehended because it keeps 14 bits of RGB, which is high compared to JPEG, which can only record 8 bits. This attribute of the CR2 file format is great for storing and maintaining the image originality. Moreover, the high-quality imagery makes it attractive and catchy for the viewers.

Part 4: How to open CR2 files on Mac and Windows?

This section reviews some of the necessary steps to open the CR2 files on Mac and Windows. The steps are the same for both systems if we need the imagery in Photoshop for its processing and manipulation.

Step 1.

From the "Open" file search browser, scroll and find the targeted files on Mac/Windows.

Step 2.

After you have seen the file, hit the CR2 image file and tap on "Open," situated at the browser menu's bottom right.

Step 3.

The required file will directly open in Adobe Photoshop.

Part 5: What may cause the CR2 file to get corrupted?

The causes of the corruption of CR2 file format needs attention as understanding the core reasons will allow us to repair them and move on with our lives. Have a look at the causes below:

1. A low battery in Canon Digital Camera

Most times, the camera's battery is low when it comes to storing the CR2 files. This leads to the corruption of the images and videos.

2. Virus in the system

Another cause is virus or malware in the system that incorporates into the saved CR2 file format creating problems for the users.

3. Sudden system shutdown

During the file transfer, the system, unfortunately, shuts down and leads to the corruption of data.

4. Improper insertion or removal of SD card

Most times, the data is safe in our SD card, but improper insertion/removal and unsafe usage of storage cards corrupt the CR2 file format.

5. Storage in an infected media

If you have saved your data in damaged storage media, there are fair chances that the CR2 file format undergoes corruption.

Part 6: How to repair corrupted CR2 files on Windows and Mac?

After understanding the causes, let us move to the methods that will lead us to repair damaged CR2 files. An amazing software works like a charm to help us with this problem - Wondershare Repairit. With this software, the users will be able to repair the files in seconds.

Try It Free

Try It Free

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Installing Wondershare Repairit

For starters, the user is directed to download the trial version for this software.

Step 2: Inserting the File

After the installing process is complete, launch the software. The interface hit the "Add File" and browsed the location for the targeted infected file. Click "Open" afterward.

Step 3: Repairing Process

Click on the files that need to be repaired and tap on the "Repair" button. After a couple of seconds, the process will be concluded.

Step 4: Advanced Repair System

It is possible that the file is not repaired by the method given below. Wondershare Repairit provides us with an "Advanced Repair" option. Please select it and insert the sample CR2 file captured from the same Canon digital camera. After the file is repaired, you can click on "Save Repaired Files," located on the interface's bottom right corner.


Click here to get more information of photo repair:

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Repair CR2 Files by Yourself

The bottom line

The article covered all the primary concerns that pop up relating to the CR2 file format. We have ensured that the audience explores the best file format by providing the above-mentioned pros and cons. The causes of corruption and methods to repair those damaged files are also explained extensively.

Try It Free

Try It Free

Related Content You Might Want to Know

1. How do I convert a CR2 file to JPEG?

You can convert a CR2 file into JPEG by following a simple set of instructions. For starters, open your "Photo Gallery." Double click on the photo that needs to be converted and hit "Make a Copy" using the "Manage" section. Change the name of the file and save it into JPEG format, and there you go!

2. What is the difference between CR2 and JPG?

The basic difference between a CR2 and JPG file is processing. CR2 file is an unprocessed raw format that keeps the originality of the image. On the other hand, JPG allows complete manipulation, saturation, and sharpening of the camera image, which means that the later changes become almost impossible.

3. Can Photoshop open CR2 files?

Yes, applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom open the CR2 files easily. However, it is mandatory to install Raw Camera Update to keep up with the editing process.

4. Does converting RAW to JPEG lose quality?

Yes, converting the RAW image file format to JPEG has the drawback of slightly reducing the image quality. However, you might want to convert to high-quality JPEG by another series of steps to avoid reduced quality.