That moment when your favorite TV series ends. Or even worse

We have all been through it, some of us not always willing to admit it. But, the truth is, when you get hooked on a show it’s not JUST a TV show anymore. You start to relate to these characters and you crave their stories. You start to wonder where things are going, and you can hardly wait for the next episode to air. Nowadays with so much content available online, it’s more common to binge a show in one or two nights rather than wait a week per episode.

Even still, once that season ends you’re left wondering..what will happen next? Some viewers even begin comparing their real lives to the fictional ones on television and create a version of their favorite show in real time. They may obsess over the actors and actresses; they may begin to feel a pseudo-connection to them, and that isn’t always healthy. Sounds pretty intense right? But it’s all too true, and I know we have all seen it. Time slips by and you start hearing things..things that you just hope cannot be true: YOUR SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELED! It’s ok. Take a deep breath, I’ve been there.

The Long Road to Acceptance

I can name one of my personal favorites, a series that ended way too soon:

Freaks and Geeks

. They left us viewers waiting and imagining … what could possibly happen to our favorite characters? Whhaatt!!? Are you kidding me!!!! We’ve seen so many of it’s cast members go on to become huge celebrities‒and that’s great; but regardless of where they are now as actual people, I want to know where they would have been in the second and third seasons of the show!

I get it, the show was being shot during a time of




, but why not try a different time slot? A different day? A lot of times our shows are canceled due to creative differences voiced by the producers and writers, and all of that is out of our control.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

What can we do as viewers when our shows are canceled? I say let’s start by writing a letter to the network! You never know, other fans may do the same and at least this way you are sharing your voice. I think it’s a bit late for me with

Freaks and Geeks

, but maybe it’s not too late for you! What is one of your favorite series that’s been canned? I’d love to know!

After all is said and done, you can always find a new show to get wrapped around. But make sure you don’t get too attached; hope for the best…but prepare for the worst!