LCD Sunlight Reflection

We’ve all been there. You line up the perfect angle to capture your child’s appearance at the plate, on the field or tennis court and the sun’s reflection ruins your shot. Thanks to

NuShield’s anti-reflective film,



you’ll no longer have to struggle with the sun’s reflection on your camera. No more LCD sunlight reflection!

The Perfect LCD Sunlight Reflection-Free Shot

LCD Sunlight Reflection eliminated with NuShield DayVue Screen Protector

The next time your child has a sporting event bring along NuShield’s DayVue screen protector to snap some shots or record footage of him on the field of play. The DayVue film slides right onto your

LCD viewfinder.

You won’t have to fight the sun’s reflection as you capture your child’s home run swing, no-hit bid, touchdown run or match-winning tennis point.

The NuShield DayVue Kit

The DayVue kit is more than just an anti-reflective film to eliminate those pesky sun rays that ruin outdoor shots and footage. The kit contains two 3.8 inch by 2.2 inch adhesive films, step-by-step installation instructions, tracing paper template and Klear Screen wipes. Don’t worry if you have a wide LCD screen on your camera. The DayVue film is made large enough to cover just about any size of

video recorder


digital camera

screen. All you have to do is cut the film to the size of your LCD, apply it and you will be ready to capture your child’s moments of glory.

The Future is Now

After reading the description of the DayVue film, you might think that it is too good to be true. Give the anti-reflective film a shot and you’ll see that it really does prevent the sun from ruining your photos and video footage. Our screen protectors are made with uber-thin plastic created with a patented technology to protect against scratches, chemicals, dirt and gouges. Each of our screens is abrasion resistant to help you capture crystal clear images without reflections from the sun.

How This Amazing Technology Works

Our special anti-reflective film functions in a manner similar to the AR coating that is applied to camera displays on assembly lines. However, it is not merely adding a little bit more protection. Our unique DayVue film is a significant upgrade that you’ll immediately appreciate once you start snapping photos and recording video footage.

Our team didn’t stop evolving this film after initially creating it. Rather, we have continuously refined the product over time. The latest version has an array of top layers combined with nuanced index of refraction that minimizes the blue end of the spectrum. In layman’s terms, this means that an LCD screen with the DayVue film attached will be seen with amazing clarity even with polarized sunglasses.

NuShield is Quickly Becoming a Household Name

NuShield is a name you can trust. We are the number one manufacturer of specialty screen protectors in the United States. NuShield has been in business for over 15 years for good reason. Our team is headed by a Ph.D. chemist who has spearheaded a product line that is now distributed across the world. We are especially proud of our DayVue protective film that will eliminate sun reflection and protects against scratches. It is military grade and is used by our servicemen on the battlefield to provide a clearer image of the display.

Make your memories last. You can do it with the addition of NuShield’s revolutionary DayVue film. Try our anti-reflective film on your digital camera or video recorder during your child’s next sporting event. These are the picture perfect photos and videos that your family will cherish for years to come.

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