How to Overcome a TV Addiction in 10 Steps

Great article Sydney. I recently realized I am a TV addict and I am going to do something about it after reading this article. I am an extremely capable 34 year old man and I realized I was a TV addict about a month ago. TV has been such a “norm” in my life that it never even occurred to me I had a problem. I have always been “bigger” than the obstacles I’ve come across in my life and overcoming addictions have always been rather easy for me because of the way I structure my thoughts about the addiction to overcome the addiction. My attempt to overcome my TV addiction the past month was just that, only an attempt and not a success. The life that has passed me by while I watched TV and way to many sporting events now seems a bit nauseating. TV has now proved to be a formidable opponent, challenging every fiber of my body to resist it.

Some examples of the obstacles I easily overcame that proved very difficult for others were drinking coffee, soda, biting my nails, eating healthy and not putting food in my body that doesn’t benefit me in nutritionally. I decided I wanted to start exercising about ten years ago and still go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I have a 3 & 4 year old at home, no problem, I run on the treadmill 45 min. a night between 9-10pm just to fit it into my schedule (when I’m at the gym I’m often thinking about what I’m going to watch on TV when I get home though). On that note, I’m often thinking about what is coming on TV and get way more excited to watch those shows than spending time with my beautiful family. SOOO SAD!

My favorite author Wayne Dyer has said that watching TV and sleeping more than your body needs is really nothing more than not knowing what to do with your life. He suggests that I live “on purpose” and my desire to watch TV will shift to spending that time living with purpose.

I must overcome this feeling that I’m going to miss out on life and entertainment. I’m committed and I’m ready to give this another go. Good luck to everyone out there (probably millions and growing exponentially) attempting to leave the TV behind and live a life that is on purpose.