How to Choose Anime for Children




Finding an Anime for Your Child


Take your child’s age into account.

Think about your child’s age and maturity when picking an anime. Some twelve-year-olds aren’t ready for school romance animes, but some ten-year-olds might love the same show.



Look for anime that reflects their interests.

Think about the things your kids already like, and search online or ask for recommendations for animes that are about similar topics. For example, if your daughter loves racecars, she might enjoy

Speed Racer




Ask your kids if there’s an anime they’re interested in seeing.

Parents often search for anime because their kids started the conversation! Ask your kids if there’s something in particular they want to watch. If it’s age-appropriate, get it for them! If it’s not, try finding something lighter in a similar genre.


For example, if your ten-year-old wants to watch


, which is a seinen vampire anime, he might be happy with an age-appropriate shonen vampire show like

Owari no Seraph



Choose a kodomo show for little kids.

If you have kids under the age of seven, you can’t go wrong with a kodomo anime. These are marketed only towards young children and are usually light comedies with a valuable lesson included. Little girls often love one of the many

Hello Kitty

animes, while


is one of the most popular shows for boys and girls alike.



Pick shojo or shonen animes for tweens.

Shojo is anime marketed towards tween and teen girls, and shonen is the male equivalent. These animes are often set in schools and can be supernatural, adventure, or romance-themed.

Sailor Moon

is one of the most popular shojo series of all time, and


is a great choice for boys.


They can also be spelled “shoujo” and “shounen.”

Be careful–there are related categories called shojo-ai and shonen-ai that have more sexual content and are aimed at older teens.


Try game-themed animes.

Lots of animes aimed at younger kids are about card or even video games that can be played outside of the show.



CardCaptor Sakura

are great choices if you’re interested in getting your child involved in a social activity too.



Watch a Studio Ghibli film as a family.

Studio Ghibli makes anime movies that are appropriate for kids of all ages and fun for adults to watch too. They’re a great introduction to anime and you can watch them together as a family. Try

Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service

, or

My Neighbor Totoro



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How to Choose Anime for Children (with Pictures) - Tips

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