How I Overcame TV Addiction

Hi I can relate but I’m 61! ( I don’t look it). I’ve got a masters in social work to help people, accomplished things. But when too many obstacles happen I get ashamed and disappear. I’ve been very creative in my life but didint continue once someone criticized me, especially people I cared about. I know I was supposed to push through but it wore me down. without letting people in to inspire me to go on I lost my drive. Change and pursuing your passion is risky. We gravitate to being safe but that’s how we miss out. I have things that happened to me that influenced that. I suffer from PTSD. No excuse I had no compassion for myself. I still have created something over the past 3 years to serve the creative community. I struggled to show up . But I did. I was appreciated but It started to feel I’m doing it all for others like a slave. The pandemic gave me relief honestly .I haven’t taken time off in three years. It has given me time to rest and think about what I want. I regret NOT continuing things I loved because I decided I wasn’t good enough only to see others “not as good “ as me out there confidently. . I’ve been hiding out. I am taking care of things and getting out but the anxiety overwhelms me. I think about the negative. For months watching a lot of TV, and YouTube videos saving so many! I help my son and husband . We have some good times but they really judge me harshly for my escaping. It’s a protective mechanism. Its frustrating to people who can’t relate.A new opportunity to do something creative is coming from my years of devotion. I can see how I could be successful and happy doing this. I have to put myself out there. Is it too late to have a new purpose and be happy? Forget age. What will make you feel joy and give to others? Do it with out reservation. I always start out that way. This is an opportunity to turn off the TV and focus on life. This time I’m going to respond to some of the people I’ve met who show they care about me. One day at a time. So 40? Age is just a number. I wish I was 40 again. I did enjoy the time. House in the Hamptons. But I still kept more aloof. I can step up now and create anew. You can too.🙏🏻