10 Best Animation Makers for Kids to Have Fun

10 Best Animation Makers for Kids to Have Fun

Shanoon Cox

Jun 24, 2021• Proven solutions

When you are trying to make funny cartoons, explainer videos, or informative shorts to post online,

2D animation software

can come in handy. With access to a

2D animation maker

, you can create intricate and interesting stories that will help you connect with your audience.

Whether you are teaching a group of kids, showing employees how to do their job, introducing a new product, or trying to elicit an emotional reaction from your audience, some

free animation makers

can be very useful.

If you are new to the world of 2D animation, you will be interested in our review of the top 8 2D animation software options that may prove useful to you.

Part 1: Best 2D Animation Software

Part 2: Best Open Source 2D Animation Software

Part 3: FAQ about Animation Maker for Kids

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If you are looking for an animation editor for kids, here we recommend using


. The editing experience is fun and easy to use for kids. You can use it to make 3D animation or 2D animation by adding keyframes, so that the animation will be smooth and natural.

You just need to build a white plane to start making animation easily. Besides, color correction and audio mixer will raise your animation video to a new level. Download it to have a try (Free)!

Part1: Best 2D Animation Software


Toon Boom Harmony

Whether you are trying to create an art piece, showcase a story through 2D images, or craft a unique message for your audience, Toon Boom Harmony will help you immensely. The software has bitmap and vector tools for creating art, 3D imported models for hybrid productions, and the option to create multiplane scenes with Z-depth.


Revolutionary vector and bitmap drawing technology - Brush Engine

Advanced color palettes and paint options

2D and 3D integration

Cut-out animation tools

Traditional paperless animation.


The first 21 days of using the product are free. After the 21 days are up, you will need to pay $109 per month.



Want to create unique and complex 2D animations for your upcoming projects? CelAction2D is the type of product that is going to help you create wonderful animations. While getting a full license is a financial commitment, you are getting a product with all the features you could need.

You can create a palette using up to 16 million colors, and you will have a very easy time getting to grips with the way the software works. It is designed for beginners and intermediate users, but still has all the advanced features that a pro would want.


Easy and fast to use

Features ergonomic controls

Easily handles complex projects with thousands of layers

Works with all modern Windows machines - 32 and 64-bit Also work with Macs through Boot Camp

Multiplane camera features.


If you go with the Studio Edition, it costs $1,300 to obtain a single license to use it for a lifetime. Studio Edition is $1300 for one single license.


Moho (Anime Studio) Pro

Anime Studio Pro is a fantastic option for anyone who is looking to get into 2D animation creation. It is affordable and designed for Flash-style animations. While you cannot create frame-by-frame animations using this program, you will be able to create some fantastic videos nonetheless.

There is an Anime Studio Debut, which is targeted towards the beginner user. But if you want all the features of a high-end 2D animation software, you will want to go with the Pro version.


Enhanced freehand drawing tools

Beizer handles to make it easier for you to design your videos the way that you want

Smart warp feature helps create custom meshes to bend and twist your animations

Realistic motion blur

Animation for multiple layers at the same time


$399.99 for the full package.


Stop Motion Studio

Want to create fun, 2D animated videos? Hoping to impress your bosses with a 2D animated presentation to highlight a product’s features? Using Stop Motion Studio will help you achieve all that you want in the world of 2D animation.

You can capture content with ease, whether you change up the focus, exposure, or white balance. There is DSLR support so that you can use your high-end camera in conjunction with this software.

And with a unique, frame-by-frame editor, you will be able to get the result that you want for your 2D stop animation movie.


Onionskin allows you to view previous frames through a transparent overlay, which helps you create your next frame

Comes with Chroma key and audio recording to better narrate and add voice effects to your videos

Easy one-click uploading to YouTube and Facebook

DSLR camera support for creating perfect 1080p recordings


$59.99 to download the software onto your PC.

Part2: Best Open Source 2D Animation Software



Synfig Studio is an open-source 2D animation software that is the perfect place for beginners to learn about 2D animation. There are two versions available for download - stable and testing. The testing version has some experimental features if users want to try those ahead of their introduction into the stable release.


Supports multiple layers of content

The bone system allows for the creation of cutout animations from bitmap images

Has sound support to allow for the addition and syncing of narration and/or music to the video





Based on the Toonz software, Opentoonz is an open-source and free alternative that will help you create 2D animated content. Anyone can use the software, free of charge. And users can modify the source code to add specific features to the program.


GTS scanning tool

Ability to change picture styles

Add distortion and light effects

Compatible with black and white and colored scans





The beauty of the Tupitube app is that you can use your Android or iOS tablet and smartphone to create 2D animated videos. There is no need to pay for expensive software if you just want to create some fun videos to show your friends.


A downloadable app that works on smartphones and tablets

Easy animation tutorials

Intuitive interface that beginners can use with ease




Pencil 2D

Want an open-source and free 2D animation design software to help you create videos? Pencil2D animation is the type of program that can help beginners. You can get to grips with how 2D animation works, and you can create funny and interesting videos along the way.


Minimalist design

Raster and vector workflow switching

Cross-platform compatibility



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Part 3: FAQ about Animation Maker for Kids

1. How do you make animations for kids?

Despite popular belief, it isn’t too difficult to find animation makers for kids. There are even tools out there that will let kids create their animations if they are old enough.

Children nowadays can create and develop their characters – and even dream up storylines to put a motion. The School Run has lots of exciting ideas on how children can get into animation themselves.

For adults, however, a good animation maker for kids can help us submit high-end projects on a low-end pay scale, providing you use the correct software.

2. What is the best animation software for beginners?

Some best include Blender, Adobe Character Animator, and FilmoraPro by Wondershare.

You can enter existing artwork or create new ones of your own in the virtual space, all of which can be done on a drag-and-drop basis.

3. What is the easiest animation software to use?

The easiest animation maker for kids that you can use as software for your own projects has to be FilmoraPro. As well as having a ton of free features, it gives you everything you need to mask, edit, animate, and evolve all of your details. You can use it to create art if you haven’t already got something planned – or you can use it to input any file type that you like.

It has some wonderful animation-making features that let you go from high-end and professional (like logo making) to fun and playful (like animation making). Best out of all of the features is that it is easy enough for children to understand how to do it.


Creating a 2D animation video is a lot easier when you have the right software available to you. You already have a script and storyboard in mind, but now you can realize your vision in intricate and unique ways. Anyone of the products above will serve you well, but


is the one you should consider. Just download it now to have a try!

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