Legacies Brought Back One Of Vampire Diaries' Recurring Jokes

Caution: Minor spoilers ahead for Legacies season 4.

As Legacies season 4 grows closer in tone to The Vampire Diaries, the spinoff series just brought back one of the earlier show’s best recurring gags. Legacies debuted in 2018, and it was not long before the second Vampire Diaries spinoff was splitting the franchise’s fandom. Unlike its predecessor The Originals, Legacies had a lighter tone that focused on often-goofy “monster of the week” storytelling over tragic, dramatic relationship arcs.

Legacies followed the fortunes of a group of supernaturally-powered students attending the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted during seasons 1-3. The spinoff played out like a lighter, campier companion to what came before it. However, Legacies season 4 got a lot darker in its opening episodes and has stayed that way since, making the tone of the show much closer to that of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries in the process. Despite featuring some seriously silly plots, The Vampire Diaries mostly played its paranormal elements straight—save for one memorable running gag.

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One Vampire Diaries joke that popped up every so often on the series would see one of the characters quickly recap the events that had happened over the episode/season/their life, snappily encapsulating the show's plot. Given that Vampire Diaries/Legacies hero Alaric died numerous times on the series, these tongue-in-cheek monologues always sounded absurd when reeled off in quick succession, and Legacies season 4 recently referenced this recurring joke to make fun of its own convoluted plot. In Legacies season 4, episode 8, Alaric ran into season 1 star Vera in the afterlife and discovered she still resented him for getting her daughter, Dana, killed.

Vera asked, "How are you not in Hell?" to which Alaric blithely responded, "Well, because technically Hell was a creation of a psychic named Cade and it's since been destroyed." While the gag is a callback to a specific Vampire Diaries arc, it also functioned as a callback to the recurring in-show recap joke that the series occasionally engaged in. As proven by Legacies season 4’s Twilight parody, the show does not take its knotty plot too seriously and still knows how to poke fun at itself. However, season 4 of the spinoff has still taken on a darker tone, and bringing back this Vampire Diaries gag was a way for the series to gently poke fun at itself without losing tension and suspense.

On the surface, the plots of The Vampire Diaries were often surreal and silly. However, outside of a few moments where characters would acknowledge this in one-off gags like the one above, the show took itself seriously despite its over-the-top elements. With Legacies bringing back the Vampire Diaries’ worst punishment and many other details from the earlier series, it is only fitting that the show also revived this joke to remind viewers that it still doesn’t take itself too seriously, even if the Vampire Diaries spinoff’s tone is less outright comedic as of Legacies season 4.

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