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With Huawei Band 4e, you can buy Huawei Band 4 at a cheaper price. To that end, manufacturers have replaced heart rate monitors with 6-axis gyroscopes, which gives you exciting insights into running behavior. Our tests revealed whether digital (fabric) bracelets still exist in everyday life.

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  1. Facilities: Problems due to trade embargo

  2. Process and design

    1. Tracker with foot clip

  3. Features and biggest drawbacks: no heart rate monitor

    1. Cancel feature extends battery life

  4. For those who are not mobile-friendly and as an additional tracker, it is worth buying

  5. in conclusion
    And alternatives

Two related fitness trackers Huawei Band 4e and Huawei Band 4 arrive at our editorial department at the same time. At first glance, the cheaper models are impressive. Huawei provides fabric tapes of different colors to give the tape 4e a sporty and stylish impression.

We wore both fitness trackers on the wrist for a longer period of time, and ultimately recommended that most buyers spend more money on more expensive models. According to a non-binding price proposal, the Band 4e is priced at 29.99 Euros. The more expensive models cost € 39.99 and only € 10. You can read below why the feature range and extra costs take precedence over beauty in this case.

Facilities: Problems due to trade embargo

In our review of the Huawei Band 4, we have told you that there is a problem with the settings of the Band 4e. Due to the U.S. trade embargo on Huawei, you still need to install the APK file for Huawei Health app from Huawei Mobile Services on your Android device. For inexperienced users, the entire process can take up to 10 minutes, and for new buyers who must first identify all issues, it takes longer.

Huawei Health Application Download Download  | 1702 downloads | March 2, 2020 Download Huawei Health Log to record sports activities and sleep habits! This fitness app can help you stay healthy. Netzwelt introduces you to the application below and takes you to download it for free.


With the Huawei Health app up and running, setting up a fitness tracker is easy. You click on the device, select the appropriate frequency band from the device list, and the smartphone and application will connect.

Process and design

For daily wear, please fasten the Huawei Band 4e strap on the wrist strap. You can change its length, but the seat does not have to be precise and solid. Therefore, the strap 4e feels very comfortable on the wrist and is hardly noticeable in daily life.

If you click this button (as with the more expensive models, this button is represented by a capacitive oval), the display will light up. The screen is surprisingly small, roughly the size of a fingernail. The display is purely functional, with no color, and the pixels are clearly visible. The screen is by no means compelling.

With a little pressure, Band 4e's digital core can be released from the bracelet. So you can charge it via the included adapter via a USB-A connection, or plug it into another stand.

Tracker with foot clip

If a fitness tracker is always bothering you while running or exercising, then you should not stop reading now. Because Huawei Band 4e can be fixed on the shoelace with a foot clip. Unfortunately, the smartphone must be in your pocket to ensure that a Bluetooth connection is established. Huawei Band 4e relies on the GPS module of the phone. The clip can be fixed on the shoelace or on the tracking device, so you don't have to worry about walking away.

Plastic clips add another exciting feature to Band 4e: a mode to track in basketball. In addition to mileage, jumps and sprints can be recorded accurately. To this end, Huawei has integrated a motion sensor in the fitness tracker, which can measure your movement on six axes.

Due to the positioning of the feet, the Huawei Band 4E shows you very interesting data. These rhythms include the rhythm, which is your steps per minute, the time your feet touch the ground, and the gravity when landing. In order to analyze your running situation, these data are very valuable. For example, long-distance runners can see if their rhythm changes over time due to fatigue.

To do this, you can try to reduce your landing thrust by using techniques such as walking on your front feet to slightly protect your joints. Hidden To some extent you will also find information about foot attachment patterns, i.e. where you usually appear with your feet. Despite all the data, athletes may lack key features in Band 4e.

Features and biggest drawbacks: no heart rate monitor

To reduce prices, Huawei has completely eliminated what most fitness tracker buyers might like: an integrated heart rate monitor. So you can record distance, stride length and stride length while running, while the pulse area you are in is still hidden.

Huawei just saved a wrong corner because after all, there are fitness trackers for under 40 Euros to provide you with a heart rate monitor. For example, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 convinced us in the test. Compared with Huawei Band 4, in the long run, we will also miss other features.

For example, you ca n’t start exercising with a fitness tracker, you can only use the capacitive buttons for some control. Calls and notifications are displayed with small icons, so you have to look at your phone to read or see who is writing to you there. The music controls we liked very much in Volume 4 have also been removed.

However, the waterproofness should be actively emphasized. The waterproofness of Huawei Band 4e is also 50 meters. In addition, it has a sleep tracking function, and the recorded data of the operation tracking is very accurate. Without a heart rate monitor, the Band 4e also gets another attribute, which is that some buyers may add weight.

Cancel feature extends battery life

Then, because the fitness tracker doesn't have to send any light pulses to determine the pulses, battery life can increase dramatically. Huawei has designated it as two weeks and it can be used normally for up to 21 days. Compared to Xiaomi MiBand 4, this is a good value.

For those who are not mobile-friendly and as an additional tracker, it is worth buying

Overall, we didn't find many reasons why you should not buy Huawei Band 4. The price difference is so small that you can buy a better device for just a few euros. You can add a heart rate monitor to your digital assistant on your wrist, read WhatsApp messages on the color display, and even control music.

We recommend these alternatives

  • the first

    Xiaomi Mi Band 4

  • Second place

    Honor Volume 5

  • Third place

    Huawei Band 3 Pro

  • fourth place


  • 5,

    Fitbit Charge 3

  • 6.

    Samsung Galaxy Fit

  • 7

    Huawei Band 4

  • 8.

    Samsung Galaxy Fit e

  • 9.

    Yani SW350

  • Tenth place

    Huawei Band 4e

Detailed comparison of fitness trackers

On the other hand, if you just want to remind you that you should move and reach some stepped goals during the day, then band 4e is enough and you can save some money. With long battery life, you don't have to worry too much about fitness trackers. Unfortunately, Huawei does not have an integrated charging port here.

By the way, if you have another Huawei fitness tracker, it makes sense to use the Huawei Bracelet 4e. With it on your wrist and strap 4e on your feet, you can record both important data and valuable information about running behavior.

Huawei keeps the ball level

The Huawei Band 4e is a very good fitness tracker optically. In addition, the long battery life and clever features, such as the attached basketball shoe clip, are impressive. As a result, the fitness band shows you unique data. But for cost reasons, Huawei saved the wrong time and cancelled the heart rate monitor, music controls, and text notifications. If you are looking for a fitness tracker, you should look for a more expensive alternative or a model that offers more features at that price.

we like

  • looks good

  • Long battery life

  • Practical shoe clip

  • Valuable data on operational technology

  • Water-resistant to 50 meters

We don't like

  • No heart rate monitor

  • No music control

  • Notifications cannot be read

  • Charging plug is not integrated

  • Neither color nor touch display


7.0 / 10

Processing What material is the tracker made of? Does it make your wrist uncomfortable? How does it react to sweat or rain? Can I wear a tracker on my belt? We clarify these and other issues under the heading "Processing."


3.0 / 10

Features Does the tracker only count your steps or monitor your sleep, or even take over smartwatch functionality? Under "Features" we evaluate the functional scope of the device.


5.0 / 10

compatibility Does the tracker work with Android and iOS devices? What about Windows Phone? Can he work independently of a smartphone? We clarify these issues under "Compatibility".


9.0 / 10

Design What does a fitness tracker look like on the wrist? What options can change the appearance?

Battery Life

9.0 / 10

Battery Life How long can I use it on a single charge? Does the fitness tracker charge quickly? This category provides answers to questions.

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