Most Durable Cell Phone Cases for Outdoor Farm Use

Most Durable iphone 11anim for Outdoor Farm Use.We take a look at the best in the business when it comes to keeping your phone and tablet safe in the field. Read on for the top ten rugged cases for your phone and tablet.


As farming embraces digitalization and crop management becomes an increasingly connected environment, we recognize that the smartphone has taken on an added, if not crucial importance for your operation. That means phone protection is something we think about a lot more these days.

Unlike a lot of other professions, our working environment presents us with various challenges. Where traditional work sites might offer isolated challenges – hard surfaces in an office, for example, water for aquatic ecosystems – Croptracker recognizes that farming opens the door to many dangers and difficulties when it comes to protecting a cell phone.

In recognition of how busy this time of year can be in farming, we’ve sifted through dozens of review sites and assembled a list of the ten most durable, reliable, and highly recognized cell phone and tablet cases that are perfect for farm use. Ranked in reverse order of popularity among review sites, these case companies and their cases meet the highest standards for device protection and safety features. 

Otterbox Armor.

Recognized as one of the toughest phone cases on the market, the Otterbox Armor series might no longer be supported by its manufacturer, but consumers continue to protect their phones with it. With several hundred (thousands in some cases) positive reviews by consumers, we’re not surprised that this model has shown up on our list; with a heavy-duty exterior case reinforced by a silicone interior, this case survives drops of up to 30 feet. As well, the Otterbox Armor also has sealed sockets and holes. The company claims it can survive submerged in as much as 6 feet of water for as long as thirty minutes. The biggest complaint outside of its discontinued status: its heavy-duty casing suppresses sounds and vibrations.

Tablets: No

Pros: Excellent case from a well-known brand

Cons: No longer available; secondary market exists, but only for specific device models

 Urban Armor Gear.

Known for building popular and highly durable cases from lightweight materials, Urban Armor Gear’s toughest cases include the Monarch model with 5 layers of protection and 2x military drop-test standards; the Outback which the company touts as its military-grade protective model, and; the Pathfinder, which shares the Outback appearances but comes with the Outback’s everyday versatility. Unfortunately, the only model available for tablet use is the Outback, but with its handgrip feature, it makes for a functional case that works comfortably while sacrificing some of the protective properties of other models. For the ultimate in protection, the Monarch model can withstand drops of four feet, up to twenty-six times without suffering damage. As well, this model comes with rubber edges to help it cling to slippery surfaces better than some of the other models.

Tablets: Yes

Pros: Outback offers functional handgrip; Monarch has unprecedented protection

Cons: Unfortunately, no model offers benefits of all three in a single case