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Which Disney Movies Are in the Vault? Your Comprehensive Disney Movie Guide


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Which Disney Movies Are in the Vault? Your Comprehensive Disney Movie Guide

Many of us Disney fans had a massive collection as a child, but likely those movies were on VHS. While there is something rather retro about maintaining that collection, it really isn’t as functional. Whether you still collect DVDs or are collecting the high definition Blu-ray Discs, this will be your comprehensive guide to gathering the best collection possible.

What is the Disney Vault?

Disney likes to make their products rare, this increases value and makes people more enticed by them. Disney does this with their movies by putting the classics into the vault, where they remain for 5-7 years. When it is time for a film to reemerge from the vault, Disney will release it in a fancy packaging and charge fans a pretty penny. Let’s face it, we don’t mind- we get into the hype and enjoy being a part of the magic. The vault can be frustrating for fans though, especially when you are working on building your movie collection back up with your favorites. It seems like Disney chose the absolute best films to put into the vault, but thankfully they do come back out. They can also be found by third party retailers, who often mark up the price a bit since these films are not readily available in stores.

Below is a list of Disney films that currently go in and out of the vault:


The Lion King

Beauty and the Beast




The Jungle Book

Lady and the Tramp

The Little Mermaid

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves



Peter Pan

101 Dalmatians

Alice in Wonderland

** As of right not many of these films have been un-vaulted, but they won’t stay out for long!

What is the Disney Movie Club?

No I’m not trying to sell you on something, but information is a helpful way to make a decision about your next purchase. The

Disney Movie Club

is something that can be very beneficial for fans who are working on building their collection, but keep in mind it is a commitment so it isn’t worth joining unless you are capable of keeping up with your purchases.

Disney Movie Club gives you your first 4 or 5 films (depending on the current promotion) for $1 with free shipping. The promotion does change from time to time, but it is always pretty close to the same thing, $1 gets you a few films to start your collection with. These are usually a list of the best ones too, like the ones currently out of the vault, making it a very enticing offer.

The catch to this is that you must commit to purchasing 5 films at full price within a 2 years period. The DVDs are usually $19.95 and the Blu-Ray can be around $29.95. This is the normal price for these films so it isn’t like they are taking on any extra charges. You also get plenty of amazing discounts and deals, which you cannot find anywhere else. When you purchase one film at full price you often get different members benefits like 50% off any additional films. These deals change depending on the current specials that the club is running. You also get plenty of cool items and offers on top of this, like the Disney Movie Club exclusive lithographs. The lithographs are really stunning images from the different Disney films, and can be framed to make a lovely picture on your wall. You also get other extras, like keychains and a special VIP pin when you reach your VIP status.The Club can also be a great way to keep track of which movies have been released from the vault, and you can snag them before they slip back in for years.

The other catch is that you have to keep a close eye on your account since you have monthly featured titles. If you do not decline or accept this title it will automatically be sent to you, and you will be charged. As long as you can keep checking your account then you will be perfectly fine, you also receive a notification in the mail and via email. They certainly try to make sure you don’t mess up and purchase a film you do not want, but it requires paying attention. If you want to begin building your collection back up this is certainly the best way to do it, and it makes for a fun experience. The great thing is that if you decide to fulfill your purchase commitment ahead of time, you receive bonus deals that make it even more exciting for you. It can be an amazing and fun experience for some, but is a bit too much work for others. You have to be sure you can devote the energy to keeping track of your featured titles, and keeping up with your purchase commitment over 2 years. If you can keep up with it however, it is definitely an excellent way to build back your lost collection into something marvelous.

Disney Movie Rewards Club

Anyone who is working on building their Disney collection back up also needs to know about the Disney Rewards Club. This is something you can sign up for free, and gives you points for each movie you purchase! Any Disney movie has a sleeve inside of the case that will have a specific redeemable code on it. For movies that have a digital film as well your rewards code will likely be the same as your digital movie code. This is something that many people forget to do, and that is certainly a mistake. You redeem points which can be added up to purchase plenty of awesome rewards. The Rewards Club has Disney movies on there as well, so this basically adds up to getting free movies for your collection. You can also purchase collectibles, t-shirts, posters and even a gorgeously detailed Disney plush.

You can also receive points from your Disney movie ticket purchase, or any music purchase you make. Always keep an eye out for those codes, since they are basically like adding money to your account. You don’t want to miss out on those extra points which can get you to special freebies. I mean who doesn’t love free stuff?

Check Other Retailers

Of course being a Disney Movie Club member has plenty of perks, you can always check other retailers and price match. If things seem a little steep on the Disney Club, go over to the other websites and retailers for the cheaper price. Most of the time though the club will actually have the most satisfying deals, and will give you freebies to make the purchase even sweeter. There are also places like flea markets and yard sales where you can add a few more of your Disney movies to your collection. These various outlets can be useful since there are a lot of films to collect if you are looking to really fill your shelves with Disney.

Building up your Disney movie collection can certainly be a challenging affair, which takes a long time to complete. It is fun and exciting when you have all of those amazing movies at your constant disposal though. Whether you are a parent of a Disney fan, or just a child at heart- building up your Disney collection gives you a chance to enjoy the magic for years to come.

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