What movies will your parents allow you to see?

'Resident Evil: Apocalypse"? "Mr. 3000"? "The Passion of the Christ"? Teachers' Corner asked which movies middle school children are allowed to see. Responses are from Monette Straily's class at

Harvest Middle School

in Napa..

I can watch whatever I want. I think kids should watch whatever they want because, like my brother said, "This is a free country. You can do what you want."

I can watch PG-13 movies, but my mom or dad has to check them out. Mom sometimes lets me watch R movies because she thinks the movie is OK, or she has seen it before. I think kids should ask their parents before they watch a movie. Also, I think parents should see the movies before their kids see it.

Kids shouldn't see anything they want because they're going to copy the actor.

I do get to watch PG-13 movies, and I think kids from middle school should be allowed to watch them because they aren't really violent.

Some movies are OK, but R-rated and NC-17 are bad because they have strong language and violence.

Kids over 11 should be able to see any movie they want. Kids below 11 should not be able to see any movie other than PG.

I am not allowed to watch anything higher that PG because my parents think I am too young for PG-13 or other ratings. Although I've seen some PG-13 ones with my parents' permission, most of them I couldn't see. I think I should be able to watch some PG-13 movies.

I can see R if it has crude humor or strong language.

I think that we should at least get to watch PG-13 since we kids are 11 and 12 -- almost 13.

I don't think that kids should be able see any movie that they want. Some of those movies are really violent.

My parents don't really talk about those rules that much, so I don't know, but I do watch R movies with my cousins or whole family. My parents don't talk about these rules because every time my parents drop me off at the movies I tell them what I will watch, and when I arrive home, they ask me what happened. No, kids shouldn't get to watch anything, but instead of PG-13 it should be PG-10. This is because 10-year-olds understand some of the things that are going on. They know better than repeating the words that are inappropriate from the movies.

Fortune Ramos, 11.

A lot of movies are rated PG-13 for language. That is not as bad as movies rated PG-13 for sex or something. I can usually see the ones with bad language, but not the other kind.

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Kids shouldn't be able to watch whatever movie they want because it could give young kids nightmares, and it could be inappropriate for older kids.

I think all kids should be able to see PG-13 movies, but only if their parents say it's OK, and they don't involve anything that kids aren't allowed to see. Rated R movies are sometimes OK, but you should watch them with somebody responsible.

Lizbeth Corona, 11.

I'm not allowed to watch R-rated movies except for two. Those are "The Passion of the Christ" and "Kindergarten Cop." It is my belief that parents should control what their children watch and that even includes cartoons on TV. Parents need to be careful about what their children watch because there is a lot of bad stuff on TV and at the movies.

Leslie Sweden, 11.

Kids shouldn't watch any movie that they want because it might be inappropriate. There could be parts that kids don't need to see.

I am allowed to see movies other than G or PG because my parents and I watch them at home together.

I can watch movies that are G, PG and PG-13 because my mom and I think I am mature enough to handle the content.

Kids should ask themselves if it is really a good idea to watch that R- rated movie.

Brittany Caffo, 10