Watching movie at theatre or at Home


Recently movies developing quickly, and more and more people like to watch movies, but there are different opinions about watching movies at different place, some people beginning like to go to the cinema, and other people like to watching movies at home. There are many

different reasons,

such as varying atmospheres, different cost, different timeliness and convenience.

First, the atmospheres of going to cinema to watching movies are different from at home. When you go to cinema, you can get more better watching experience, because there are bigger screens, andrealistic sound effects, you may feel that it is a really world, and especially when a person watching Hollywood movies, it can bring great visual impact. Besides, a person needs to obey many rules, and cannot drop litter around in order to keep environment clean.When you watch movies at home, you can choose watch movies on the computer or television, while the environment is not very good, and the screens are small than cinema and the sound effect is worse. But one does not obey rules and you can lie on the couch watching movies, and eat food whenever you want.You can imagine that you are lying on the couch watching movies, and eating nice food. It is very nice.

Second, watching movies in the cinema is costs more than watching movies at home. It means money spent, and time cost. When you go to the cinema, you need to buy tickets, sometimes one need pay full price for the tickets, and other times you only cost half price to buy tickets. For example, if a person buy movies tickets on the weekend, and one need buy full price tickets, and when a person buy tickets on Tuesday, a person can buy cheaper tickets. Besides, person can buy tickets on website, in general, it cheaper than other places. Watching movies in the cinema, a person need cost more time. For example, when people go to cinema, they need to spend some time on the way, and they need to queue up for tickets. When one watching movies at cinema on weekend, many people will go to cinema, they may spend an hour to line up, it takes more time to watch films in cinema than at home. When you watching movies at home, and you can watch movies for free. There are a variety of movies on website, Such as Youku, Tencent.When you watch movies at home, you can choose movies on the computer, and you do not need to wait in line. It saves a lot of time.

Third, movies have different styles. When people go to cinema watching movies, they can watch the new movies, it is very fashion. For example, many young people purse fashion. They will watch the latest movies. So, going to cinema to watch movies is a good choice for them. When you stay at home, you can also watch a lot of movies, but for copyright, people cannot watch the latest movies at home, and the films are available a few months later on line or on TV. But if people like classic movies, then watching movies at home is a good choice.

In conclusion, there are a lot of differences between watching movies in cinema and at home. If people have more money and time, and they like fashion, they can choose going to the cinema to watching movies. On contrary, if you more like classic movies and do not have much time, you can choose watching movies at home. From the above graph we can clearly see that the amount of people hope watching movie at home is dramatically larger than the amount hope watch at theatre. I do think watching movie athome is a better idea.