Planning a Movie Marathon? Here’s a Quick Guide – Index

It is indeed enjoyable to join beach bonfire and camping in Chennai with friends and family but if you are the type who would rather stay inside the house, you should think about a movie marathon. A movie marathon is a thing now especially with the popularity of Netflix and



With these sites, you can enjoy watching many movies successively. If you are keen on this, here’s how to plan a movie marathon:

Step 1: Invite people and figure out how many will come

The first thing that you need to do is invite people over then figure out how many will come by confirming. If you want a big crowd, it is important to plan with regards to the food and other materials. If you are doing this solo, you can skip this part.

Step 2: Pick a movie

You should pick a movie genre a few days before your planned movie marathon. You do not want to spend most of your time stressing over what movies you feel like watching. If you are having a crowd over, you can ask for suggestions beforehand. The key here is to have a good mix of chick flicks, comedy, action, and horror so you will not be bored.

Step 3: Decide how many movies you want to watch

It will not be a marathon if you watch less than three successive movies. With a movie marathon, you can go a minimum of six hours or a maximum of thirty-six hours. It will depend on your tolerance but whatever you choose, you should ensure that you have a comfortable experience.

Step 4: Plan start time

After deciding how many movies you want to watch, you should plan your start time. This is important as it can determine how long you want to stay up. The key here is to find out how long every movie will take then plan your starting time accordingly. If you want to pull an all-nighter, you can start as early as seven or eight o’clock – just after dinner.

Step 5: Prepare snacks

If you are inviting a group over, it is better to start after dinner so you will not worry about giving meals. If you start after dinner, you should ensure that light snacks are in between. Of course, you should not leave popcorn behind.

Aside from popcorns, you can also give out candies especially if you have friends with a sweet tooth. It is also a good idea to put chips and soda or juice within arm’s reach. If you want, you can also consider midnight sandwiches, burgers or even pizza.

Step 6: Set up the room

Whether you are holding the marathon in your bedroom, hall area or home theater, you should at least set up the room. If you have more pillows and blankets, make sure to distribute it to everyone. These things can make their experience more comfortable. Before you start, make sure that you dim the lights or close the curtains.