How to get into Bollywood Easily Become an actor

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hich you need to become a good actor in Bollywoodif you seriously want to enter Bollywood , these simple steps can make your journey to Bollywood quite easily. By following these steps you can definitely make it to Bollywood, But you must understand that will all the glamour of Bollywood comes Hard work and sheer hard work.

Step 1

Finish Education

Often people decided to go into the Bollywood industry without completing their studies, which is wrong . At least you should have completed your graduation. There are also some who are under 18 . I will also suggest them so that they do not take any wrong decision in a hurry. First of all , complete your studies till graduations and then turn to Bollywood. No no it is not that you will get educated only then you will get work in Bollywood industry. of course, in the world of art , one gets work by looking at art and not by looking your education certificate . So you are studying for graduation till all of you, because if you have a financial problem , then it can help you in that. We all know Mumbai is an expensive city. if you are not getting financial support from the family properly , then you can do a job in Mumbai. And you will get the job only when you are educated . That is why I will suggest that you should turn towards Bollywood only after completing your studies. You will be bollywood highest paid actor

Step 2

Learn Camera Acting

Before starting an acting career you must learn camera acting from a good acting institute or academy or any profession you want to go into Singing, Direction, Cinematography, Dubbing etc. Whatever you want to become, you must learn from that are institute. This is why I am saying that because of attending institute or school your art flourishes. Attending acting institute your acting skills, Diction, Body language, Expression are develop. If you do not dance , then even basic dance will be taught in acting school. If you study or work then you can join weekend acting class or you can also attend the workshop. But I would advise to join acting school before starting acting career. And if you join an acting school in Mumbai, Then it will be best for you , because when you learn acting while living it , then you will get to know more and more about Bollywood . bollywood highest paid actor

Step 3

Self Grooming

Along with acting , you should also pay attention to your self grooming like fitness, make up , hair style everything has to be paid attention to. If you are a girl, you should come to do your basic hairstyles, make up . You can also do good self grooming during a struggle , like if you are not fit or do not have a good body , so you can better it during struggle . It is not necessary that you start a career only after having a good body or personality.

Step 4

Prepare Your Profile

So now comes the time to prepare your profile. You have to make a portfolio or intro video or a monologue video , So that you can show it to the Casting Directors. Profile is very important. No casting Directors will work by looking at your face.He will see your art , In such a situation, He will ask for your portfolio. In which they get to know how you look in photos or how they look while acting in videos. That’s why you need to build your portfolio.

Step 5

Audition Updates

Now you have to know about the audition where are the audition . I will tell you 3 ways.

Audition Group

: We talk about the first type, so if you are not able to find out where the auditions are happening , So you can note this whats App number [9820742416VBDAU]to the audition group. In this whats App group you will get about 30 to 40 audition updates in 1 day. In this you get all the information, what is the rule, for which age do you get this information in the group.

Audition Web site or App

: Have some website and apps that provide auditions updates .These are : Talentrack/ E-Audition.

CD Social Media

:Audition updates are also available on social media like Instagram and Facebook. In this many casting directors , production houses give updates according to their needs , So you should follow them on social media too. You will get audition updates from there. Then they ask for your portfolio . If you get selected , then you are invited to audition. However , they do not provide regular updates. If you want to regular updates then you can join whatsApp group. And look out for : MCCC, Casting Bay, Shruti Mahajan , YRF Casting , Nandini Shrikent, FTC Casting.

Step 6

Give Audition

After getting the audition updates, You have to audition.

There are two types of auditions


Open Audition

:Anyone can join an audition in an open audition. Here the number of auditions would also be more , You can update it through whats App group , Apps and CD’s social media.


Shortlisted Auditions

:When you go to give an open audition, you will meet many casting directors there. He will take your audition. If they like your audition, then after making contact next time they will call you for shortlisted audition . In shortlisted audition the public is lightly less, So the chance of selection are more in it.

Step 7


If you are a good actor, then after giving your audition, selection will be definitely . Many star’s son or daughter who bollywood highest paid actor have not made a career here. Because they do not have acting skills. Ifyou do not have acting skills too, then you do not have Bollywood industry accept. bollywood highest paid actor

Step 8


If you think that you are a good actor, But still do not find work in Bollywood industry and you want to put your acting into practice. Soyou can join the theater your practice will continue in the theater. With this, your acting skills will be develop. Next , you will definitely get work after maximum contact. If you have acting skills.