How to Get Free DVD Movies by Mail in 2021

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Requirements to get FREE movie DVDs from this site:

More Example Paid Movie Reviewers:

How does the movie reviewer signup process work?

More Ways to Get Free DVDs & Watch Free Movies Online

Free Disney movies by mail

Movies are so much fun to watch! Watching movies is relaxing and a great way to spend a rainy day or a nice evening with a loved one.

However, movies are expensive and not everyone can afford buying movie DVDs. If you have kids, they’ll be very sad if you can’t buy them the latest Disney movies or superhero movies.

Here is

how to get FREE movies and free DVDs by mail!

Many film companies want reviews on their new movies from real users to help them in their marketing.

Free Kung Fu Panda 3 DVD

To get free movies, all you need to do is apply to be a paid movie reviewer (aka paid movie critic) and write a review about free movies you get.

You can get free Disney movies, free Redbox movies, and free sample DVDs. No more paying for Netflix or DVD rentals!

Depending on what film companies are currently promoting their movies, you’ll have different movies you can request for free.Previous free DVD movie offers included “The Revenant”, “The Greatest Showman”, and “Zootopia”.

After you join for free, you’ll get emailed about new opportunities to get free DVDs.

Free Warcraft DVD movie

Product Testing USA also has many opportunities to get other types of free products to test and keep including electronics, household items, video games, PS consoles, and home and garden products.

TIP: The best way to get any movie DVDs you want is to

apply for a $200 gift card on this page

. You’ll get a $200 gift card to buy all the DVDs (or other products) you want at a brand store near you.

You must be able to write in English (even if your grammar isn’t the best).

You’ll need to write a 500-word movie review.

Optionally, you can also make a video review of the movie you got for free. The video can be simple and 2 minutes long. You can record yourself with your phone camera or webcam.

If you get free movie theater tickets, you’ll need to take a picture or two of the inside of the cinema you visit.

You’ll need to write the movie review within 10 days of receiving the free DVD.

If you think you can fulfill these requirements, then signup and start getting free stuff!

Not sure how to write a movie review? Watch this example movie review:

Basically, all you need to do in your review is talk about what you liked about the movie and what you didn’t like. If you visit a cinema, you can mention how the staff behaved (if they were friendly or rude) and if the cinema was clean or dirty.

Here are some more example movie reviews (click to enlarge).

Denise got a $50 AMC theatre gift card. Here is Denise’s example review.

“I was Chosen by ProductTestingUSA to be a film reviewer. I received a $50 gift card in exchange for an honest review. I chose to review AMC Webster 12 in Webster, NY. I chose to see the movie ‘Zootopia’ with my two sons, and fiance.

The movie was about a bunny becoming a police officer trying to make a change. It was very funny and a very cute movie. It had us all laughing out loud. I booked our tickets, and chose our seats in advance.

One of the cool things about this theater is it has large comfy reclining seats. I was able to breastfeed my newborn, and still enjoy the movie comfortably.” Denise wrote in her review.

Here’s what the Product Testing USA signup process is like:

After entering your email, name, and phone, you’ll need to complete a short questionnaire so that they can send you the most relevant free product offers.

Then because they need to make money, they’ll try to monetize you by presenting you with 3 pages of ads (offers for insurance, loans, etc. from their partners) but you don’t need to take any of those offers. You can scroll down the page and click the small “Skip” link to skip the offers and finish your signup.

You’ll receive a confirmation email. Make sure to click on the confirmation link to activate your account!

Once you’re a member, you can browse their catalog of free product offers and apply to as many offers as you want. The more you apply to the higher your chances are of getting free stuff!

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We hope this article helps you get free DVDs by mail and how to get free movies online! If you want to read about the history of DVDs, read this long Wikipedia