How To Find Full Movies on Youtube

There was a time when Youtube was only used for watching music videos and watching viral cat videos. Now we can see live shows, get the latest news and yes, we can watch full-length Hollywood movies too.

And you don’t have to search for them in parts either. You can watch a full featured length movie right on Youtube without any interruptions.

The great thing is that you won’t need a credit card or a subscription (like Netflix) to enjoy these movies. The downside is that you can only watch what’s available if you’re lucky to find them.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that there’s a pretty good chance the movies won’t be up for long (especially the more recent releases), so watch them as soon as you get a chance.

Advantages of Using Youtube to Watch Movies

There are other sites on the internet where you can watch movies for free.

They aren’t as popular as Youtube but there’s a good chance you’ll find the link to a specific movie that you want to see. I usually check on Youtube first to see if the movie is there. If it isn’t, then I’ll either search for something else or check another site.

I’d much rather use Youtube though. It’s a more familiar platform with great options. Chances are you already have an account with them so you can save the movies to watch later. You can tell instantly by the comments if a movie is going to be good or if the quality sucks or whatever.

Also you won’t have to deal with a million nasty pop-up advertisements just because you want to see a movie.

Finding Movies on Youtube

Looper (2012) on Youtube

Finding feature length movies on Youtube is easy. Your chances of finding what you’re looking for depends on the type of movie.

More than likely, you’ll be looking for new releases or recent movies from the last couple of years. Your chance of finding major Hollywood releases that were recently released isn’t too good but they’re there.

You’ll have better luck with finding much older movies and those stay up much longer too.

Here’s what you do to find movies on Youtube:

Search for the movie by title.

When the results come up, hit filter at the top.

Under duration, click on “Long (20~ minutes)” – This will remove all the results that are less than 20 minutes long. Anything you see that has a duration of over an hour is probably the full length movie you’re looking for.

From there you can choose to watch the movie or save them to watch later but as I said before, keep in mind that the movie may get deleted as the copyright owners may ask Youtube to take down their work.

You should also check out the related videos for more full movies you might be interested in.

Any luck finding recent movies on Youtube? What did you find?