How to Do Bollywood Makeup


Hi I'm Patricia Longo and I'm a celebrity make-up artist. I've worked with models from Sports Illustrated like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson, to Alec Baldwin at 30 Rock. All those things that experts do that the average person doesn't know how to do we'll learn how to do it on these videos. As you can see, we started the Bollywood cake eyeliner all around her eye with orange eye-shadow and some false lashes. But the top of her eye my last stop is a black coal eyeliner pencil inside the eye. What I do is I just pull a little bit and go right inside the eye here. And I get inside the corner--I really give it a shape outlining the inside of the eye. Fabulous. You really don't have to pull on your eye. You could just put your finger here, look up, and it moves it out a little bit. And sometimes I throw a little more black on top because I want it really black. Sometimes pencil on top, makes it black-black. So I'm just taking a little brown shadow. I'm taking a little brown shadow. Close. We're going to put it on the corners. Just a little circle-circle. We love the gold in the orange. It gives a really Bollywood look. When I do Bollywood make-up, the eyes and the lips are actually really strong. So on the cheeks we're going to do just the soft peach. Just the soft peach color. Just circle. Just a little circular motions. Smile. On the apples. I throw a little browns around, she already has nice colors, so I just want to--very exotic look. It's already exotic. A little shimmer around the face. And the final step for Bollywood we do is a very dark lip as well. Not all the time do you do dark eyes with dark lips, but because I used a lot of orange and gold on her eyes, she can go a little darker on the lip. I usually choose a reddish-brown lip-liner--not too bright of a red, more of a dark red. Smile. Sort of a color that goes nice with olive skin. I'm going right on in line, making her lips nice and full. I chose a reddish-brown color. The brownish lip-liner goes more with her olive skin. You don't want too bright of a red with the Bollywood look. So now I choose a reddish-brown color. Very very pretty. Isn't it pretty? Smile. It's not completely red, it's almost like reddish-brown. This really gives that Bollywood look. It goes very nice with your skin tone. You definitely want to get in there. When you have a deep color like this, you have to get inside. But if you don't make the line right and you don't get the lips look perfect, you take this, the cue tip, and I want to clean up on the end here. And then I take this side. And I take the cue tip again. Adjust to even it out. And I take the pencil again. And I just use the pencil lightly. I made a mistake, I use the pencil again to cover my mistake. Usually I like to do a little more liner at the end so it looks smooth. Being that we're on the gold cake, I throw a little bit of gold right inside. If I had crystals I would put crystals on you. But then I would just put a little bit of more nice deep red. And she's all set!