How to Do Bollywood Eyeliner


Hi I'm Patricia Longo and I'm a celebrity makeup artist. I have worked with all those models from Sports Illustrated like Broklyn Deker, Julie Hunderson to Eric in 30 Rock all those things that experts do that the average person doesn't know how to do, we will learn how to do it on these videos. So I'm going to show you how to do Bollywood eyeliner, its going to be fun, I love all the Bollywood movies. So use cake liner with the angle brush like I've done before and Asabella I've already started putting the cake liner but this time I'm going to make it little more thicker. It's going to start thin inside her eye and as I'm going out to the right I go a little further out making it thicker. I start off thin and then I get a little fatter. Now usually they use a coal stick, which you can also use its just coal in a stick. It's a pencil but I also find that may be smudge all over the face so I recommend the cake liner, cuz I love it, it stays, its great it's my favorite thing in the world and I love mercy is fabulous. And what I do for the Bollywood they usually wear the cake liner all around the eye so you get that nice almond shape eye which you have. So it's so easy to do it on somebody who already has almond shape eyes but to create the almond shape eye on someone who doesn't have the almond shape eye is the reason why I would start in thin and thick. And then look up, and what you want to do is I start always in the middle that's my base, I always start in the middle and you see I'm making it thick right now, so I want to show you if you mess up, this is the best thing to do. I am going to show you if I were to make it too thick, so I'm doing this thick, thick line because the coal liner would come out like that so that's how she would look if she was a football player. And again I go back to my friend who is my cuter, and what I would do is, this is the best way to shape you eye so you make a nice thick line this is the best way to shape your eye to make it look very almond, if you don't have almond eyes you take the point and you smuge it and you will see how my line all of a sudden is getting thinner but I make it a little thicker on the end and bring it up and this is how they do it Bollywood. Do a little connection here just slide it in, just close, and all of a sudden it's connected and I bring it out in a corner, open your eye, and then all of a sudden there it is. It goes right up, almond eye and that's the Bollywood look. So I'm going to do the other eye again and really it doesn't really matter how thick you make the bottom line, you can always clean it up with a cuter and I think that's the one thing people try so hard to make it thin, thin, and thin like get all nervous. Just look up, just put it on shove it right there, just go like this I don't care how thick it is I can always fix it especially with the Bollywood look, a little cuter, just turn and then I connect it again it's a process, open your eyes look up, but I'm shaping the eye and I bring it up both sides and if you are uneven it's okay, you can always fix the little ends at the end. And there's the Bollywood eye liner