Easily Find Full Length Movies on YouTube

Everyone like movies. And once in a while, we all get an urge to watch a good movie. But going to a movie theater is not always an option, even downloading movies for torrent take times. So if you to watch a movie right now, then streaming movies online is the only best option.

The problem with online movie streaming services is they either paid and country restricted (like


) OR they upload pirated content (like


)and are filled with crazy ads.

But thankfully we still have YouTube. Yes, you can watch full-length movies on YouTube for both free and paid.

YouTube not only have movies in single pieces but also comes with decent quality. Now without arguing on whether the uploads are legal or not. Let us find some easy ways to stream full-length movies on YouTube.

Quickly find good movies on YouTube

The most popular way to find full-length movies on YouTube is by using YouTube search. Just type the keyword ‘

Full-length movie

‘. This will display a list of full-length movies including some recent released. Last time I tried, the search return some blockbuster hits, like despicable me 2, brave, Monster Inc, etc. (see the screenshot below)

Since most of them are questionable upload and against YouTube privacy guidelines. These movies are often removed once they became popular.

Use Third-Party Websites to Full-length YouTube Movies

To avoid getting flagged, most movies are uploaded as unlisted. An unlisted videos don’t appear in search results.

Therefore YouTube search is not effective and we need help of third party website to scrap the material for us. So far I have found 3 websites that scrap our full length YouTube movies-


Zero dollar movie

is a good website to watch full length classic movies. It has some nice collection of both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. You can filter then by year of released. I find this website better for searching old classic movies but it fell short, on latest released or popular movies.



is also similar to to zero dollar movies. It has a clean interface and host mostly legal uploads. The time of writing this post, their database has around 330 movies. However if you are looking for new released or blockbuster hits, than you might want to avoid this site as well.



is another popular websites that maintain list of YouTube movies. The good thing about them is that not only have large collection of movies but have also classified them according to genre. This help you find exactly what you need depending on your mood.

However the bad part is, the website is cluttered with annoying pop-up ads which degrade user experience. Therefore I suggest once you find your desire movie, you right click on the video and copy paste the url to other tab.




is popular social community where people share interesting contents (like links, post, images etc. ) within small community called sub reddit. And you will glad to know, that there is a sub-reddit where users submits full length movies on YouTube.

The best part is, since the tread is updated every hour or so, you can easily find handpick popular movies and new releases. This also save you from the trouble of finding unlisted videos.

On the right side of the screen you will find options to filter your search by genre, released year, resolution etc. And not only that but it’s also integrated with IMDB rating, which helps you to decide if you really want to watch the movie or not.

Happy watching !!