Disney Infinity Toy Box World Creator Guide

Disney Infinity is a huge game with endless possibilities!

One of the biggest highlight of the game is the Toy Box which is so vast and immense that the new players could even give up on it as there is so much to do in it. However, once you get hold of everything; the fun never ends!

This guide will help you learn more about Toy Box by covering down all the aspects of the Toy Box as it is solely dedicated to Toy Box.

Disney Infinity Toy Box Walkthrough


Complete the introduction and you will be asked to enter into one of the Play Sets.

Although it is entirely up to you to enter a specific Play Set or not. I would advise you to kick back and take some time to explore this amazing world with Disney Castle right in the middle of the world.

Disney Infinity Hub

After choosing your character, your character will be standing in the middle of the Disney Infinity Hub. The Hub will be surrounded by four buttons which could be activated by standing over them.

The red button will allow you enter the Travel menu where you would find your adventures, the yellow button will open Disney Infinity Vault, the green button will open the Toy Store, and the purple button will take you to the Hall of Heroes.

Going for a Stroll

One of the best ways to explore the Toy Box is to go out on a stroll. Start moving left from your Hub and you will see a beam of light in the distance, follow it!

You will have to climb up a ledge in order to get Toy Box Blaster which can be used to defeat enemies. You will be given on-screen directions on how to use this tool.

Your unlocked items will be available in your inventory list which you can assign on your directional pads so that you will not have to open the menu over and over again.

Once you have equipped the Toy Box Blaster, you will notice that some of enemies will start spawning in the nearby area.

After defeating the enemies in the nearby area, move to the other side of the castle to find an Autopia car, hop in and follow the beam of light at the top of the slope.

Entering the vehicle will automatically generate roads and other landscape which you can use to test your driving skills to reach the beam of the light in the farthest area.

Collecting Sparks and Spins

You will find several capsules in this area. Blue capsules will reveal information messages comprising on how to play the game and other useful tips. Green capsules will either give your Sparks or Spins.

Sparks are like experience points which you can use to level up. Sparks can also be collected by destroy destructible objects and completing missions and side-quests.

Spins will allow you to unlock new toys. In addition to the green capsules, Spins can be collected by completing certain adventures or by leveling up. Look outside and inside of the castle to find some extra green capsules while exploring the area.

While exploring, you will also come across some enemies which can be defeated by using Toy Box Blaster or your normal attacks. Enemies can also be defeated by running them over with your Autopia car.

Mystery Adventures

After learning about the basic aspects of the game, it is advised that you practice some of your driving and fighting a little bit more and take your training to a new level by entering Mystery Adventures. To do this, make your way back to the Disney Infinity Hub and start doing Mystery Adventures.


While playing in the Toy Box, there are certain Feats that you can earn. These Feats are earned by doing some of the tasks that include defeating enemies, driving around the areas, blasting off things.

Earning Feats will also give you a few Sparks to help you level up. There are total of 76 Feats that you can earn – some of them are relatively easy and some of them require time. Anyway, here’s a quick breakdown on what to do to collect all the Feats available:

Air Croquet

Just fly through an Arch Block to earn this.

Air Time

All you need to do is to stay up in the air for 3 seconds with one ground vehicle in one try to earn this.


Get 5 seconds of air time in reverse with one ground vehicle in one try to earn this.

Barriers Not Included

To earn this, use your ground vehicle to jump over 100 objects in total.

Barriers Not Included 2

To earn this Feat, use your ground vehicle to jump over 1,000 objects in total.

Bash ‘n’ Smash

Just destroy 500 bashables to earn this.

Blast Off!

All you need to do is to ride a ground vehicle off of a launch ramp.


Just destroy 25 Blip Blocks in one session to earn this.

Bringing Up Baddies

Earn this Feat by using an Enemy Creator.

Broken In

To earn this Feat, travel a total distance of 100 kilometers on a mount.

Clown Car

To earn this, ride in a shrunk vehicle while oversized.

Crash Course

Drift into 2 bashables in one attempt to earn this.

Crazy Driver

Do 2 tricks in one try in a ground vehicle to earn this.

Creator Extraordinaire

Place 500 blocks in total to earn this.

Destruction Zone

Destroy 5 bashables in under 5 seconds to earn this.

Dodge Ball

Use a giant ball found in your editor to hit two townspeople in under 2 seconds and you will earn this.

Double Dribble

Bounce a giant ball found in your editor off 2 enemies within 5 seconds to earn this.

Drivin’ You Crazy

To earn this Feat, you need to do 100 tricks in ground vehicles.


To earn this Feat, you need to jump over 10 meters with a mount in one attempt.

Equestrian 2

To earn this Feat, you need to jump over 50 meters with a mount in one attempt.

Floatin’ Along

To earn this Feat, you need to float for over 30 seconds.

Frequent Flyin’

To earn this Feat, you need to travel a total distance of 25 kilometers in air vehicles.

Game Maker

To earn this Feat, you need to place 10 Creativi-Toys in one session.

Game Maker Extraordinaire

To earn this Feat, you need to set up 100 Creativi-Toy connections.

Giddy Up!

You will have to destroy 100 enemies while mounted in one session.

Go Long!

You will have to throw 100 townspeople Goal! Knock a giant ball found in your editor into a soccer goal.

Green Thumb

You will have to place 5 plants.

Havin’ a Bash

You will have to destroy 100 bashables in one session.

High Dive

You will have to land in a Splash Pool after travelling 40 meters.

High Hoppin’

Jump 12 times in a single Wall Jump attempt to earn this Feat.

High Score

Score a soccer goal with an air vehicle to earn this Feat.

Hop and Spin

Jump from one Spinner to another, to earn this Feat.

Hop Over

Jump directly over 10 blocks with a ground vehicle in one attempt to earn this Feat.

Hot Pursuit

Race around at top speed in your ground vehicle for 5 kilometers total to earn this Feat.

Hover Happy

Travel between 12 Fans without touching any other toys to earn this Feat.

It’s Alive!

Cause 10 Creativi-Toys to react simultaneously to earn this Feat.

Just for Kicks

Punt a townsperson to earn this Feat.

Just for Kicks 2

Punt 50 townspeople to earn this Feat.


In order to earn this Feat, you will have to place 5 Terrain Blocks.

Look Ma, No Road!

In order to earn this Feat, you will have to spend over 10 minutes in the air in a ground vehicle.

Look Out Below!

In order to earn this Feat, you will have to destroy 100 enemies with an air vehicle in one session.

Lookin’ Good

In order to earn this Feat, you will have to place 5 decorations.

Master Builder

In order to earn this Feat, you will have to place over 100 blocks in one session.

Monster Mount

Ride an oversized mount while shrunk to unlock this.

New World

Customize 5 Terrain Blocks while in Spark Mode or with the Magic Wand to unlock this.

Next Floor Please

All you need to do is to ride an Elevator to unlock this.

Nifty Drifter

All you need to do is to drift for over 5 kilometers in total.

Nifty Drifter 2

All you need to do is to drift for over 50 kilometers in total.

Pest Control

All you need to do is to destroy 100 enemies and you will earn this.

Please stand to the Right

Stay on a Conveyor Belt for over 5 seconds and you will earn this.

Prize Collector

Have 5 Gold Statues in your Hall of Heroes and you will earn this


Do a trick through the Ring of Fire in order to earn this Feat.

Rapid Rider

Keep going as fast as you can on your mount for 30 sec and you will earn this.

Rapid Rider 2

Keep going as fast as you can on your mount for 60 seconds.

Road Rage

Destroy 100 enemies with a ground vehicle in one session.

Saddle Sore

Jump over 100 objects with your mount during the course of play.

Sharp Shooter

Shoot 1,000 objects.

Sky Driving

Jump over 400 meters in one attempt in your ground vehicle.

Slide Swipe

Drift into a townsperson.

Speedy Steed

Ride your mount at top speed for 5 kilometers total.

Spinning Shot

Shoot an enemy while on a Spinner to earn this.

Straight Shooter

Shoot 5 enemies in under 5 seconds to unlock this.

Straight Shootin’

Just shoot 10 objects in one session.

Straight Shootin’ 2

Just shoot 500 objects in one session to earn this.

Sunday Driver

Travel a total distance of 100 kilometers in a ground vehicle to earn this Feat.


Use 2 Super Cannons without hitting the ground to earn this Feat.

Track Changin’

Just customize a track piece to unlock this Feat.


Do a trick in reverse and you will earn this Feat.


Do a trick while going boost speed in your ground vehicle.

Turbo Booster

Use 25 boost pads in one session and you will earn this Feat.

Turbo Charged

What you need to do is boost in a ground vehicle 100 times.

Wrecking Crew

Destroy 25 enemies in one session.

Wrecking Machine

Destroy 2 enemies in 10 seconds.

Wrecking Machine 2

Destroy 3 enemies in 10 seconds.

Wrecking Machine 3

Destroy 5 enemies in 10 seconds.

Unlocking Toys

As I have mentioned above that Disney Infinity is a game with almost endless opportunities and things to do. Although you start with a handful amount of toys at your disposal, you can collect many more as you progress through the game or even wander in Toy Box.

One of the easiest way for collecting Toy Box is to going through all the different Play Sets. There are a number of ways which you can use to collect these toys.

Like I have said above, the best way to collect toys is to go through different Play Sets. While playing a Play Set, look for the green capsules as they unlock toys for the Toy Box. But you should also keep in mind that green capsules are rarer than red capsules so make sure to keep an eye out on them.

Another important way with which you can unlock toys is through Character Chests. But unlike green capsules, Character Chests require some specific characters to unlock them.

Each Character Chest will have a photo of a character which you must use in order to open the chest and unlock the toys.

Another thing to keep in mind while exploring the Play Sets is to look for the Vaults. Vaults can be considered as large Character Chests. But make sure you have all the characters in a particular Play Set before you go on unlocking these Vaults, otherwise, they won’t budge.

Disney Infinity Vault

I have stressed a lot upon going through the Play Sets to unlock toys. However, there are a number of toys that you would be able to unlock from the Toy Box itself. These toys can be unlocked via Disney Infinity Vault.

To access Disney Infinity Vault, you can go to the Pause Menu while wandering in the Toy Box or go to the yellow button on Disney Infinity Hub.

Unlocking toys here is just a hit and trial method, you will have to spend your Spins in order to unlock a randomly generated toy from a total of 16 different toys.

In case, you didn’t get your desired toy, you can spend some more Spins to unlock your desired one. Or you can always shuffle the 16 toys to get some other ones containing the one you desire.

As you can see how useful Spins can be when it comes to unlocking the toys, we have compiled a list of methods with which you can earn Spins:

How to Earn Spins

One of the easiest way to earn Spins is to locate and collect the green capsules. Green capsules can be found scattered throughout different areas or by destroying destructible objects.

Spins can also be collected by completing Mastery Adventures.

Earn medals in Adventures and Character Adventures. Completing each adventure for the first time rewards you with a Spin allowing you to earn three Spins for completing an Adventure.

One for Bronze, one for Silver, and one for Gold. Level up your character! Each time you level up your character. You will get a Spin.

Toy Box Worlds

New players might get confused with Toy Box and Toy Box Worlds at first. To make it simple, Toy Box is a place where you will be able to create your very own world.

These worlds that you create are called Toy Box or Toy Box Worlds. Some of the Toy Box Worlds e.g. Toy Box Launch are available to you from the start while there will be some which you will have unlock.

Basic Toy Box World

In order to find this Toy Box World, you must find a green capsule in Toy Box Launch.

It will be located on a ledge between the castle and the race track. However, you will need to find an aircraft to get there.

This will be a flat area with a lot of plants and edge around the corners. I think of it as a great place to begin building your Toy Box World with limited number of toys available to you.

Rolling Hills

Once again, you will need an aircraft in order to unlock this world as the green capsule is located on the small floating island near the River Gazebo – near the Disney Infinity Hub.

Unlike the Basic Toy Box World, this has more raised areas that you can build into mountains and race tracks. Get a feel of this world by creating mountains and caves.

World of Walkways

You will need an air vehicle to unlock this Toy Box World as the green capsule is located on a small floating island above the Toy Box Launch World.

This world is made by joining several pieces of islands inter-connected by bridges. A very good place to set up some paintball matches and races. It also has a large area which can be used for anything you like.

Play Set’s Toy Box Worlds

Each Play Set also has a Toy Box World of its own. While playing a Play Set, look for the Vaults which look just like large chests. But in order to unlock these Vaults, you will need all the characters from that particular Play Set.

After you unlock the Vault, you will be rewarded not only with the toys but also Toy Box World.

Metroville Toy Box

This Toy Box World is designed in a way so as to look like The Incredibles Play Set. You will see many tall buildings and small islands connected by a bridge. Play this to know how to build cities or relish over it!

Monsters University Toy Box

This Toy Box World has a few buildings and a watch tower. It also features an open space which can be further customized in any way you want.

Pirates of the Caribbean Toy Box

This does give a look like an island from Pirates of the Caribbean with its ship wreck and other small islands which can be reached with bridges. Play this Toy Box World to know how to make the flowing waters and make it look real.

Radiator Springs Toy Box

This is the Cars themed Toy Box World! And yes, you guessed it right, it does a have a race track. In fact, most of the space in this Toy Box World is occupied by the race track with a city inside it.

I would advise you to invite your friends over for a race once you unlock it.

Colby Toy Box

This is the Lone Ranger themed Toy Box World with an amazing look and feel of a desert. There are almost endless possibilities on this Toy Box World which includes building a race track, designing shooting games on horses, etc.

How to Create in the Toy Box

In Toy Box, the only limitation imposed on you is the number of toys at your disposal. Otherwise, what you can do there is endless. The first thing you should do in order to start building is get out your Magic Wand from Tools/Packs.

The default theme in Toy Box World is Fairytale Kingdom which can be changed into any theme that you have unlocked. Themes can be unlocked from the Play Sets.

To change the theme of your Toy Box World, simply select the part of the land you want to customize. After selecting the area, a menu would pop-up with which you would be able to customize that particular area or your entire Toy Box World.

You will also be able to change some of the decoration in your Toy Box World. For example, select a tree and change it to any theme style you want. You would be able to do this only to the tree you selected or to all the trees in your vicinity.

The area surround your Toy Box World is called Sky Dome which can be customized too.

In order to customize it, go to editor and then to basic toy category. The sky changer not only change the theme of your Sky Dome but also the audio/background music of it.


There are total 18 categories in the toy section. Before start building, it is important to see which toys you have unlocked and then place them as per your liking.

The number of toys at your disposal increases as you unlock them.


Terrain is actually ground of your Toy Box. Anything you want to create will be built on the Terrain. You will be able to build caves, hills, roads, racing tracks and much more using Terrain.

Every other thing that you will build in your Toy Box will be built on the Terrain so expand it!

Building Sets

These are unlocked from Disney Infinity Hub and Play Sets. These can be joined together to build one building. You can also use these to build stadiums and cities.

I’d advise you to start your building process by using them.


You don’t have to build the buildings. You just place them wherever you want and it will be created. These are unlocked both from Play Sets and Disney Infinity Vault. Building vary greatly in their sizes.

Set Pieces

Set pieces are basically large toys that are from Disney theme parks, movies, games or other shows. These add a lot of excitement to your Toy Box World especially when you invite your friends over.

Basic Toys

These are the toys which don’t qualify for any other category. Some of these are interactive and some of these are not but you should definitely check them out since they are a lot fun.

Action Toys

Basic toys are undoubtedly very much fun to use but are no match against Action Toys. These toys perform certain action and hence named Action Toys. These can be used to create games and other challenges for you and your friends. And if you combine them with Creativity Toys, they gen even more fun.


These toys can be programmed to function in a specific manner. The easiest way to learn more about these toys is by trying them and playing with them. These can be unlocked from Disney Infinity Vault and Creavi-Toys Mastery Challenges part 1 and 2.

Combine them with Action Toys to get the real fun of these toys.

Track Pieces

These include race tracks, roads, and other barricades that you can use. The important thing to keep in mind here is to join all the pieces carefully or you won’t get the desired result.

After building your Track Pieces, try changing their themes which can be unlocked from Disney Infinity Vault.

Sports Toys

These toys can be created to play games with others and when combined with Creativi-Toys, they are a lot more fun. Also make sure to build barricades with these toys, you don’t want your soccer ball to go outside the edge of the world, do you?


You can customize your world by adding trees, plants, bushes, and light poles. Some of the plants in the category will be themed so as to match with the theme of your world.

Either change the theme for one plant or do this to your entire plant set. However, there will be some plants unlocked from the Play Set that can’t change themes.


Decoration fill in the empty space in your world to give it a more complete look. These are small than the other toys but very important. Some of these decorations can be destroyed while the other stay in their places.


You need vehicles to roam around your world. In Toy Box world, there are Mounts which are animals including horses, mules, and elephants. And there are vehicles and aircraft.

For more detailed information on vehicles, check out our other guide in Beginner’s guide section.

Cast Members

Cast members are unlocked in the Play Set and are those characters which will give you missions. These characters do not do you any harm and can’t be killed or defeated.

They are just there to add a flavor to your world. Be sure to interact with them. It is great to see some monsters roaming in the street of you world.


These like to dress up as Disney characters and remain in their Play Sets. These don’t do you any harm and are only there to add personality and life to your world. Since they don’t attack you, try picking them up and throwing them at a distant place.

These can be unlocked from the Disney Infinity Vault.


Critters are very much similar like Townspeople but they are not people, instead they are animals. If you put Townspeople in the city then try placing them in the forest to give your world a complete look and feel.

These also don’t cause you any harm and can be picked up and thrown. However, since they are agile, it is difficult to pick them up and throw them.


Trigger is the pressure pad and one of the simplest Creativi-Toy. For better effects, it is always advised that you combine them with the other toys. To set the Trigger, there are four ways:

Player Stepped Off – Human stepped off the Trigger

Player Stepped On – Human stepped on the Trigger

Stepped On – AI player stepped off the Trigger

Stepped Off – AI player stepped off the Trigger


Single player is a lot of fun in Disney Infinity but it doubles up when you play with your friends and other people. There are two ways of doing that: either invite your friends to play the games and challenges that you have created or use Toy Box Share to share your world.

Either join your friends or invite them to your world on Xbox Live, Playstation Network or any other online service you use. There can be a total of four players at the given time.

You can join any adventure that you have unlocked along with the character adventure that have been unlocked. In order to change your character, just change the Disney infinity Figure in Disney Infinity Base.

When everyone joins, the game starts. You not only compete with your friends but also try to beat your own records so that you can earn medals, you haven’t previously.

Some of these medals are quite easy to learn as there are plenty of opportunities in multiplayer mode. Collect more collectables and try to go for gold in every game.

As mentioned above, you can invite your friends to have a look at your Toy Box World. In order to do this, enter the Pause menu and then Online/Multiplayer and then follow the on-screen instruction to do this.

Moreover, you can join the Toy Box Worlds that other people have created to get a taste of their imagination.

How to Design the Toy Box

There are a lot of ways with which you can build you Toy Box World.

These steps range from being easy to difficult and once you have mastered these steps, you can continue on your own to create your imagination. Also, feel free to share your won tips with us in the Comment Section below!


When you start building your Toy Box World, make sure you have plenty of ground to cover all the things that you want to put in it. You may want to add a couple of more Terrain to make it look like hills.


Buildings and Set Pieces are very large structures that I would recommend placing before anything else. Also, make sure you have plenty of space allotted to these structures and still left for other things.


After your buildings are in place, you can add tracks to your World. You can also change the theme of your tracks by the flick of your wand. You can add roads, hills, caves, and racing tracks to add a more lively feeling to your world.


Like I have said before, that decorations are small structures that add a lot to your world.

These work as structures to add detail to your work. It is always better to have something in your world rather than keeping it as an empty space. Plants and decorations work really well here and give a final touch to your work.


The final addition to your world should be a lot of population.

Add townspeople, enemies, animals, and cast people to give a livelier feel to your world. Don’t forget to add a few vehicles for your folks to move around the world. You can add Mounts and vehicles or both if you feel like it.

Now that you have created the world, you are ready to play and have fun with your friends.

Racing Games

Racing games are really easy to build in Toy Box World. Follow these steps to build your own racing tracks.

The first thing to do is create a racing track as it is the key to start you race. Racing tracks can be found in the Disney Infinity Vault. Make sure to have at least 16 Spins before you start to spin for your choice of your Racing Tracks.

It is also important to lay track pieces in such a way that they inter-connect with each other correctly. View them from different angles to see if they have been placed correctly or not?

You can also add a lot of loops, jumps, and even shortcuts.

As for the finishing touch, make sure it ends at where it began. Once you have checked everything and completed your race track, you are ready to race against your friends.


You can also add barriers and other barricades to ensure that your car doesn’t go outside the racing tracks.

Action Games

There are a lot of action figures that you can put to use to create some amazing fighting games. View from different angles to ensure you have created everything perfectly.

When you have planned everything out, start making your course. Use blocks and other obstacles that players will need to cross to win the game. Just as you are building it, use your characters to try it out at the same time.

Also, add Trigger or Trigger Area to set a timer for your course. You can also add some of the toys such as party animations which will explode into fireworks when a player successfully completes a round.

Also add sound effects which will depict cheers as your player makes its way through obstacles. The camera angle of the game is also very important. Create the any camera angle you want and test it with your character to see which one works well for you.

After you have done everything, it’s time to check what you have created and come over your shortcomings.

Sports Games

There are a lot of sports games that you can create in the Toy Box World like football, hockey, basketball, etc. Depending upon what you want, you can start building your own sports complex.

Since the balls are always moving, they can go miles away even with a little push, so the idea to prevent this is to create some boundaries around your playing field.

It will also give a feel of a stadium to your playing field. But the main objective is to hinder the ball from leaving the playing area.

Once you have built the stadium, you will have to place the goal posts. The ESPN Soccer Goal works like a charm for soccer and hockey.Of course, there is no game complete until you have a scorecard for it.

Place a scorecard in your game from the Creativi-Toys and then link it to your goal posts so that it keeps track of the score. You can also set the requirements to win a game under scoreboard settings.

And finally, add sound effects and animations to your stadium like cheering and booing when a goal is missed or shot. Party Cannons can also be added to create the fireworks.

Once you have done everything correctly, you should give it a try to test it out and overcome anything you have missed.

Fighting Games

Like other games, fighting games are a lot of fun and easy to create. You can create your own team and enemy team to battle against each other.

It is very exciting to fight in the open environment but you can always build a fighting arena just like I mentioned above. You can place crowd to cheer your fighters and also add blocks to provide cover for your fighters especially if you are planning on using weapons.

In case, you want to have your fighters with some weapons, you can do this from Object Generators which will equip your enemies with weapons. And it is always good to have a variety of weapons at your disposal.

One of the most things to create here are the enemies with whom the matches will take place. To create enemies, you will have to go to Enemy Generator. You can always have variety of enemies or only one type of enemies.

In case, you are having a battle between two teams, you can assign them color code.

Since you don’t have to score any goals in this type of game, the scorecard you will build should have points system something like defeating an enemy, being defeated by an enemy, taking a hit, etc.

Connect this scoreboard to your victory tracker and you will be good to go.

Once you have completed all the tasks afore mentioned, you would be able to add custom animations and sound effects to add a lot more to your game. And finally, hop in the fighting arsenal with your friends to see your own imagination in work.


Any type of game can be played in multiplayer mode with your friends or with a split-screen. All you have to do is to invite them over.

Building Mastery

There is no better way than to going out on a treasure hunt. Building Mastery is kind of a short tutorial which explains the building and manipulating Toy Box. To begin, follow Captain Hook and follow him.

Your first task is to use editor to place the three palms in the area.

Follow the on-screen instructions to do this. There is no way with which Captain Hook can get to higher levels. Therefore, you will have open the editor and select a Buff to line up with the hillside.

Once on the higher level, you will have to cross a gap. Bring up your editor and select your Super Cannon. Position it along the edge of the gap and rotate it to the right direction to get you on the other side.

A section of the bridge to the castle will be missing and you will need to open the editor to place the segment and follow the on-screen instructions to get to the correct spot.

The next task assigned to you will be to remove a statue.

Take out your Magic Wand and send the statue back to the inventory and get it out of your way. And continue to your next destination which will be into a cave but there will be no entry.

Open your editor and place the Cave of Wonders at the indicated spot and enter the cave.

Follow the cave and use you Magic Wand to place the Treasure Grotto in the right direction to complete the adventure and earn a number of rewards.

Combat Mastery

The combat mastery is great way of learning how to battle enemies in your Toy Box World. This will put your against enemies of all sorts to teach you how to fight.

In order to begin the tutorial, all you have to do is knock on the wooden door.

Driving Mastery

This will teach you how to drive around in the Toy Box World. This is a very fun activity and completing this challenge will get you Mastery Star and a Spin as well as other rewards.

Dynamics Mastery

Learn what physical blocks do in the Toy Box World in this mastery. This teach you a lot about what certain category of objects known as physics block do in the game.

There are a total of three types of the blocks i.e. Glass, Wood, Steel.


In Disney Infinity, adventures are just like short challenges that put your skills to test against a wide variety of challenges. These are unlocked by completing Mastery Adventures.

Each adventure in the game has three medals; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Successfully completing adventures will reward you with Spins and Sparks. You would be able to play these adventures solo as well as with your friends.

The challenges that you would be able to play in the game are:

Castles and Slingshots

Gold: 3 spheres

Silver: 2 spheres

Bronze: 1 spheres


Gold: Survive 03:00 minutes

Silver: Survive 02:10 minutes

Bronze: Survive 01:00 minute

Gladiator Arena

Gold: 3 enemy waves

Silver: 2 enemy waves

Bronze: 1 enemy eave

Dome Defense

Gold: 6 enemy waves

Silver: 4 enemy waves

Bronze: 2 enemy waves

Battle Race

Gold: Finish in 02:05

Silver: Finish in 03:00

Bronze: Finish in 04:30

Lap Race

Gold: Finish in 02:05

Silver: Finish in 03:00

Bronze: Finish in 04:30

Battle Race Reverse

Gold: Finish in 02:05

Silver: Finish in 03:00

Bronze: Finish in 04:30

Lap Race Reverse

Gold: Finish in 02:05

Silver: Finish in 03:00

Bronze: Finish in 04:30

Off Road

Gold: Finish in 0:40

Silver: Finish in 0:50

Bronze: Finish in 01:10

Mr. Incredible, the Hero

Gold: 3 townspeople

Silver: 2 townspeople

Bronze: 1 townspeople

Sully’s Paintball Brawl

Gold: 35 enemies defeated

Silver: 15 enemy defeated

Bronze: 5 enemies defeated

Sparrow’s Flight

Gold: Collect 25 collectibles

Silver: Collect 15 collectibles

Bronze: Collect 5 collectibles

Mrs. Incredible’s Grab-It

Gold: Collect 40 collectibles

Silver: Collect 20 collectibles

Bronze: Collect 5 collectibles

Violet’s Stealth Mission

Gold: Collect 25 collectibles

Silver: Collect 15 collectibles

Bronze: Collect 5 collectibles

Dash’s Data-Dart

Gold: Collect 60 collectibles

Silver: Collect 40 collectibles

Bronze: Collect 10 collectibles

Syndrome’s Sorting Spring

Gold: Collect 40 collectibles

Silver: Collect 25 collectibles

Bronze: Collect 5 collectibles

Mike’s Scare Pig Dash

Gold: Earn 200 PTS

Silver: Earn 120 PTS

Bronze: Earn 30 PTS

Randy’s Scavenger Hunt

Gold: Collect 20 collectibles

Silver: Collect 14 collectibles

Bronze: Collect 5 collectibles

Barbossa’s Blockade

Gold: Earn 35 PTS

Silver: Earn 20 PTS

Bronze: Earn PTS

Davy Jones Collects Souls

Gold: Defeat 35 enemies

Silver: Defeat 20 enemies

Bronze: Defeat 5 enemies

Lightning’s Collector Course

Gold: Earn 120 PTS

Silver: Earn 70 PTS

Bronze: Earn 20 PTS

Mater’s Tow’n’Go

Gold: 18 tourist cars

Silver: 10 tourist cars

Bronze: 3 tourist cars

Francesco’s Rush

Gold: Finish in 03:00

Silver: Finish in 04:00

Bronze: Finish in 06:00

Holley’s C.H.R.O.M.E. Course

Gold: Defeat 30 enemies

Silver: Defeat 22 enemies

Bronze: Defeat 10 enemies

Lone Ranger’s Justice Run

Gold: Earn 100 PST

Silver: Earn 65 PTS

Bronze: Earn 20 PTS

Tonto’s Flight

Gold: Earn 100 PTS

Silver: Earn 65 PTS

Bronze: Earn 20 PTS