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Movies are the best escape next to books. If books are not your thing, then movies sure are. They take you into the lives of a bunch of characters, which are real to you for the next couple of hours or more. There are a lot of people, who love to spend a couple of hours watching a movie, but then again you are different, you are not everyone else, and you know that. Movies have come to play an important role in your life, and you can hardly do without them. Whether you have realized it or not, you have grown to become one of the most movie crazy persons around, and you are a certified movie buff.

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What are the signs that tell you that you are a movie buff?

At least one movie a day

Weekends mean Movie Marathons

You are running out of storage space

You do not have anyone, favorite director

You can tell between original and fake

Rotten Tomatoes is your lifeline

People come to you for recommendations

Movies are the ultimate entertainment for you

To watch list

What are the signs that tell you that you are a movie buff?

In case you still have not realized that you have turned into a movie buff, here are a few signs that will point you towards the much evident conclusion.


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Your schedule might be jam-packed; you might hardly have time to talk to your family, you have presentations to present the coming day, yet you make yourself time for just that one movie after work. This might mean compromising on a couple of hours of sleep, but you do it. It will not only be hard to fall asleep without watching at least one movie night but will be totally impossible. You could stay awake all night thinking you could have stayed awake to see Rocky reach the top of the stairs or win his first boxing match. If this does not make you a movie buff, then what does?

Your weekends have been only about movie marathons. You have lost track of the last time you went out on a nice date with someone or for a

brunch with your girlfriends

. All you are doing is taking on the couch and your LED television and conquering your head with the pleasant images being played in front of you. Weekends are the time when you can get to see as many movies as you can, and you have a challenge with yourself to somehow manage to see one extra movie every week.

You have a full multi-shelved cupboard filled with movie DVDs that you have bought and the collections you have made. Now that you have DVDs almost everywhere and have exhausted any chance of your living area or bedroom looking any bit attractive thanks to all the DVDs, you have started investing in Hard Discs. With your speed of downloading and watching movies, you already need another external hard disk apart from the three that you already own.


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You do not believe in favoritism; you are an appreciator of good movies and

good directors

who make them. The moment you come across a great work by any director, you make sure that you go through the net to find anything and everything that he has created all his life and watch them on a loop, until and unless you are done with the whole lot.

Many movies around the world are copied from one another. Just a look at the trailer or the poster brings all the memories rushing, and you can very easily spot if the movie is a copy of some other movie.

You wish Rotten Tomatoes or IIMDB had their smartphone applications. Those are without a doubt the most visited sites on your computer. You believe in undergoing a good level of research before watching a movie.


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You know you are a movie buff when friends and relatives come up to you for movie suggestions.

There is nothing better than a movie. SO, while bookworms are carrying their Kindles around you have you’re a laptop and portable DVD player always around.

Like an ardent movie buff, you are always updating your to watch list and also have a list of great movies that you have already watched.