6 Right Steps to Apply Eye Shadow Properly

Applying eye shadow is just like playing with colors on a blank canvas. It is very easy to put on eye makeup or apply eye shadow if you know the right process. Choose all the colours that suit your skin tone and the colours of your eyes. Here we are providing you the complete guide how to do eye makeup with right –suited colours and correct techniques.

Read our step-by-step eye makeup tutorial to check how one can master the area of eye makeup.

Step 1: Choose the Right Brushes

To start with, you need to select the makeup brushes because using fingers for eye makeup is not hygienic and affects precision. Makeup is an art and every artist needs its brushes and tools for flawless results, hence choosing a cosmetic brush is essential for seamless, precise, and even eye makeup.

Do you think makeup brushes can cost you a whole lot of fortune? Well, we would like to mention that we should always go with synthetic brushes rather than those which are made of natural fiber. Synthetic brushes are quite affordable, easy to clean, and give the best results. Just, make sure the makeup brushes you are picking are dermatologically approved.

Step 2: Apply Eye Primer

For creating a smooth base to apply eye shadows, it is important to apply a good eye primer. It will make sure that the eye color stays for a longer period. It will also control the production of oil on the lids thus control perspiration of the skin. Also, a great eye primer would keep your eye shadow in place for a longer period.

Using an eye primer will give you the exact opaqueness you desire and keep the same vibrant color of eye shadow on lids, as it is looking on the palette.

Step 3: Apply the Base Eye Shadow on Lid

Start by placing your favorite base color on the lid using your eye shadow brush. For the brown eye, shimmers would work great, whereas green eyes will look great with purples and pink and orange and yellow shadows will look great on blue eyes, and orange and coral shades will look best on Hazel eyes.

You can easily bring the base color of your choice for the base, from dark Smokey eyes to simple basic nude colors, you can carry any shadow that fits your personality best.

If you are going for a subtle and everyday look, here we are sharing with you a trick: place the color on your lid when your eyes are open and blend down towards the lash line. This will help you avoid the messy and harsh lines, and overshoot your crease line.

Step 4: Dark Eye shadow on Crease

Dark shadows attract lights, therefore it is advised to place dark shadows over the crease of the eyes to make them look popped-up. Also, it will add depth and dimensions where they are needed.

Dip your blending brush in the dark shadows, sweep it along the eye socket and follow your shape of eyes between brows and eyelids. Deep brown colour shadow is best for crease, no matter which look you are going for.

People with hooded eyes have their upper lids covering most of the mobile lid, when eyes are open. Therefore, one needs to play with the placement of colours, because the colour won’t be visible when you open the eyes. So, you should start with open eyes and mark where you want to look your eye shadow to appear. Choose a dark shadow and blend it on the portion of the crease where it will be visible. Now start blending the eyes and make sure there is no hard line. Focus more pigment on the outer “V” of the eyes.

Step 5: Apply super-dark color on Lash Lines

Eyeliner is needed to be applied to look lashes thicket and eyes look wider. But if you are not a kohl or eyeliner fan, you can get a similar effect using a dark color shadow. Using a flat and short-bristled brush, apply the dark shadow along the edges of the upper lash line and lower lash line. But whatever you are applying should be waterproof.

Step 6: Highlight Brow Bone with a Shimmery Shadow.

To pop up and lift the brows, add a shimmery and pale shadow or pencil directly under the brow. Add any shadow that is shimmery enough or you can simply use a highlighter. Also, it is advised to apply pearly light color shadow in the inner corner of the eyes on the tear duct to brighten up the eyes. Wrap the things with good mascara to lengthen your eyelashes.

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