10 Shows Your Parents Wouldn't Want You To Watch 'Cos They're Just So Damn Dirty

Remember the days when you'd watch movies on the TV as a family, and look away awkwardly when a sex scene came on? The advent of online streaming might have finally solved that problem, but there are still shows that your parents probably wouldn't want you watching. Stuff that involves copious amounts of sex, blood, and maybe even some drugs. This is a list of shows containing just that.

1. Masters of Sex

Renowned researchers Dr William Masters and Virginia Johnson join forces to study the mystery of human sexuality. As their study progresses professionally, their intimacy also grows at a personal level. Basically, there's a whole lot of kinky sex in here. You know, 'for science'.


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2. Californication

David Duchovny famously played the role of a troubled writer with a sex addiction in this show - something that was apparently personal to him considering he went to rehab for it in real life. I won't lie, this is a pretty dirty show - it's literally got 'fornication' in the title.



3. Weeds

This show is about a woman who starts selling weed to make ends meet after her husband's untimely death. It's got the double whammy of drugs, as well as some pretty hardcore sex scenes scattered throughout the show. Please don't show this to your mom.


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4. Scandal

This political thriller stars Kerry Washington Olivia Pope as a media consultant to the President of the US. However, she soon begins an affair with the President himself, and sordid affairs make for the steamiest sex scenes - which in turn make for some pretty uncomfortable parents.



5. Easy

This is a comedy-drama anthology series that explores the sex lives of a variety of different couples. From one couple looking to spice things up by having a threesome, to another couple trying to make sex interesting again. So yeah, there's a lot of sex on this show, and


parents would do well to stay away lest they die of





6. Shameless

This show is about a hard-drinking and blase father, and his six kids who get up to all kinds of mischief due to his well, shamelessness. They're basically the least family-friendly family on TV - there's sex in pools, sex in cars, and all kinds of ther situations that just don't deem any parents being around.


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7. Skins

This critically acclaimed British teen comedy-drama has attained notoriety over the years for its graphic depictions of sex and drugs. It's a fast=paced romp through the sex lives of a bunch of people, and this poster for the show should convince you why your parents probably wouldn't approve.



8. Spartacus

This is another show which is famous for being extremely NSFW. It's based on the life of a powerful gladiator who led an uprising, and it features all manner of sex, orgies, and its fair share of gore. It's quite surprising that this show even managed to air on TV.


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9. Elite

What is it with teen dramas being so damn sexed up nowadays?! Regardless, this Spanish show is about 3 teens who enroll in an exclusive private school, clash with the wealthy students, and are mostly banging in their free time. Hell, there's even some murder thrown in for good measure!



10. Dark Desire

This Mexican thriller is a murder mystery about a married couple who are both cheating on each other. There's obviously a lot more to the plot, but I don't want to give too much away. Suffice to know, it's R-rated and with good reason - there's graphic sex, violence, and all the other sins your folks told you to stay away from.


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