What to Consider When Choosing an E-Reader

Technology is now an integral part of our lives. It has made life a lot easier and pleasurable. For those who love reading, you can testify that carrying a pile of books is both daunting and annoying. If you live your life on the go, books can be unwieldy and heavy.

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, it shows that reading reduces stress by 68% more than having a cup of tea or taking a walk. Technology advancement has, therefore, made reading a lot easier through e-readers.

Choosing the best e-reader be much akin to asking

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? You must first know the rules and the same concept applies when you’re looking for the best e-reader. You must know the best features to look for to ensure you end up with a high-quality product.

You may be wondering what an e-reader is. An e-reader is a mobile device that employs E Ink technology, it is the closest you can get to real paper. E Ink devices are designed to help you read eBooks conveniently. It’s super light for easy portability, making you read eBooks or magazines wherever and whenever you want to. However, choosing the best e-reader can take a toll on you, especially if you don’t know what to consider. Below, we have outlined some features you should be keen about.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an E-reader


The screen of the e-reader is always the most critical feature to check out. Most of the e-readers in the market are fitted with screens which have E-ink display. The E-ink (electronic ink) technology uses microcapsules which contain both negatively charged black particles and positively charged white particles. The E-ink displays are popular due to their similarity to the printed paper. So, when buying an e-reader, ask yourself if you want to read books on an LCD screen or E-ink. The advantage of the E-ink screen is that you won’t strain your eyes, and it greatly improves the battery life of the e-reader.

Battery Life

Battery life is crucial. You wouldn’t want the device to go off unexpectedly when you’re reading your favourite e-book. An e-reader that does not have whistles and fancy bells has longer battery life. On the other hand, a gadget that has Wi-Fi, browser and other apps tend to have a shorter operating time. Using the e-reader for a long time also shortens its battery life. Therefore, choose a device that is simple, free of unnecessary apps to serve you for long.


The e-reader is typically designed with various controls like touchscreens, buttons, or a combination of both. Touchscreen e-readers tend to be more intuitive but will shorten battery life. They are also gaining popularity due to their ease of use even with e-ink displays.

On the other hand, button-based controls are more accurate and require less power. However, they can be cumbersome to use. Some of the button-based e-readers include original


, the famous Amazon Kindle 1, among many others.

Size and Weight

The primary purpose of buying an e-reader is to avoid carrying large piles of books. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing the device, you need a product that is portable and easy to store. Fortunately, e-readers come in various sizes. Some are compact and light to take with you on the go and can fit in your pocket. Some are large and cannot fit in your pocket. But if you value the screen size, then large e-readers are ideal.


E-readers come at different prices based on the size, brand, and features included. Although an e-reader is a good investment, you should do your math to ensure you’re not spending more than your planned budget. There are pretty good e-readers that come at a competitive price. Visit various stores and compare the prices to buy the one you can afford. But as you spend sparingly on an e-book, also check the features included.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, e-readers are gaining popularity, and heavy readers are having lots of fun. With a plethora of various gadgets out there, choosing the best e-reader can be hectic. But if you consider the above factors, you’re guaranteed to walk home with the best device.

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